Mahadasha and Past Karmas

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( This is a special post written in a spiritual mood and therefore it has divine touch . Please don’t read this post fast in haste but read 2 or 3 times in peaceful mood to understand it properly )

In continuation with my last post on ‘Dasha attached to soul and not body’ today I will discuss some more interesting facts about Dasha system.

Karma Theory

But before we start, let us understand some KARMA theory.

Why we are born in a particular family ? The answer is the disbursement of the past KARMA of previous life was best suited in the environment of that particular family where you are born now.

Why we are born in Mesh lagna or Vrushabha Lagna or Mithun Lagna……and like ? This has also direct connection with our previous birth.

To take birth in a particular Star or Nakshatra has a past life link. MOON is the Distributor of our KARMA. SUN is the SOUL or witness and MOON is our MANAS or ASTRAL BODY continued from unlimited previous births.

Whatever good or bad DEEDS we are doing with our physical body and strongly creating good or bad DESIRES with our lower Mind are all recorded with our ASTRAL BODY or मानस पटल in a coded language during our journey from birth to death. After death our ASTRAL BODY is seperated and takes rest in ASTRAL PLANE waiting for the appropriate family and environment where we can enjoy or suffer the fruits of our KARMA. ( मनु स्मृति )

Birth Star or Nakshatras

Now we will focus on Nakshatras. There are totally 27 Nakshatras in the zodiac. BIRTH Group, KARMA Group and AADHAN Group. The birth can be in any of these 27 Nakshatras. Longevity is considered maximum 120 years by our Rishis and these 120 years are distributed in 9 Nakshatras through Vimshottari dasha system starting from the BIRTH Nakshatra.

Now let us understand in details. The Nakshatra we are born in is our BIRTH Nakshatra. This nakshatra degree has a strong bonding with our PAST birth. We are born and took the first breath during particular Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar dasha on earth. The BIRTH Nakshatra Lord or Main dasha Lord is the MAIN controller of our life journey on this Earth planet alongwith Antar dasha Lord or Sub Lord. They BOTH are allotted the duties to give birth at a particular moment. Dasha lord is our MAIN deity. There will be a strong print of these 2 planets on our Mind through out the life.

The same MAIN deity or planet is the owner of the 10th (KARMA) and 19th (AADHAN) Nakshatras too.

For example if you are born in Rohini then Moon is your BIRTH planet or deity. Same Moon also owns Hasta (KARMA) and Shravan (AADHAN) too.

Our journey on Earth starts from Birth Nakshtra and ends in 9th Nakshatra if longevity is 120 years. But generally death comes in 7th Nakshatra dasha since 7th Nakshatra is called Naidhan or Death Nakshatra. Most of the people die in their 7th Dasha.

Karna and Aadhan

Now as we discussed above 10th is a KARMA and 19th is a AADHAN Nakshatra. What this means ? All the 3 Groups are interlinked with each other.

First 9 Birth Group Nakshatras

When we start our life from Birth Nakshatra we get all good and bad fruits of our past karmas within the Dasha Antardashas of first 9 BIRTH Group Nakshatras. All the good opportunities, environments, happiness and sorrows we are getting in our journey is the result of running dashas and antardashas of BIRTH Group as per our past karmas .

Secound 9 Birth Group Nakshatras

But at the same time 9 Nakshatras of 2nd KARMA Group from 10th Nakshatra to 18th Nakshatras are also active and this Group is decoding all past Karmas from ASTRAL BODY. All fruits are released in first Group and we become free from Karmas recorded in second group. KARMA Group is past life Cassette or CD. This Group ïs CONTROLLING the BIRTH Group and decides the result of dashas.

Third 9 Birth Group Nakshatras

At the same time 3rd AADHAN Group is also active and whatever we are thinking, desiring and doing with physical body is recorded in 3rd Group starting from 19th AADHAN Nakshatra in a picture form but in a coded language on ASTRAL BODY of our this new Birth. This way third group is recording all fresh karma we are doing in this birth.

Let us elaborate this in details. Suppose you are born in Rohini Nakshatra and now you are running Mars Venus dasha. Means you are passing through Mrugshirsha Nakshatra. Then what happens ? You are enjoying or suffering the period as per your Karma recorded in Chitra Nakshatra in KARMA Group and whatever you will desire or do good or bad will be recorded in Dhanishtha Nakshatra in AADHAN Group.

Suppose your wife is giving you divorce after too much quarrels in Mars Venus dasha in Mrigshirsha then it means that you had given too much pain to your wife or husband when Mars Venus dasha was running in Chitra Nakshatra in previous birth so this karma was recorded at that time and giving you same result in this birth.

The same way whatever you are thinking or doing physically in Mars Venus dasha will result in Mars Venus dasha only when Dhanishtha Nakshatra will be activated in a Birth Group in next Birth.

This is the KARMA theory. Every dasha antardasha is giving happiness or sorrow recorded in past life in Karma Group Nakshatra. All our lives journey is recorded in our ASTRAL BODY so Dasha Antardasha results are not equal to all as we read in books. The birth chart is designed by destiny as per our Karmas and all planets carry our past records and give result accordingly in their dasha. Everything is predestined.

One thing more I would like to add here. Jupiter or Brihaspati is directly attached with God and He has 5th and 9th aspect so he can watch all other 2 groups at the same time when he is in one group in Transit.

Jupiter therefore has the blessing power to reduce the intensity of negative karmas which are active at a particular dasha through प्रार्थना, शांति मंत्रा, नाम स्मरण, यज्ञ, ध्यान and गुरु कृपा which are under the control of Jupiter only.

Vedic Yogas

Dasha Attached to Soul Not Body !!!

It is believed in Hindu mythology that Brahma created this universe and it took 27 years in creation. In this 27 years He also created 14 Lokas, 27 Nakshatras and 12 Signs.

Then Brahma entrusted the work to Lord Vishnu to activate the universe . Vishnu created Sun from his own divine light to give life to the universe . So Sun is the incarnation of Vishnu and Moon is the incarnation of Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Energy.

Sun expanded himself and created Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus and Saturn. These 14 Lokas also were distributed amongst 7 planets, 2 to each. Then Sun gave life, the PRAN tatva to the universe.

Mahalaxmi created the Maya to run the universe. This Maya was entrusted to Rahu later on and liberation from this Maya was entrusted to Ketu. Rahu became in charge of 7 lower Lokas whereas Ketu in charge of 7 Upper Lokas.

Day was in the control of Sun but darkness or night was entrusted to Rahu Ketu. Rahu took the charge of first half zone from Sun set to 12 am and his nature was to create madness, ignorance , craze, lust , debauchery and intoxication during this time. Rahu takes one very far from his own soul.

Ketu took the charge of second zone of night from 12 am to sunrise. Ketu nature is to bring one back to his soul, his consciousness and make him introvert so Ketu inspires one to meditation in this time. Sunset awakens Rahu, the darkness. Sunrise, the awareness is awakened by Ketu.

When this universe was live and active Moon started his journey from Kritika Nakshatra and this way started dasha system from Sun. In Sarvatobhadra Chakra also Kritika is taken first.

The Natural Zodiac starts from Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra but first 27 years ( Ketu 7 plus Venus 20 ) were passed in creation

so first dasha in universe was of Sun.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

This way from the day of activation of the universe, Sun dasha was in operation and souls started to enjoy Sun dasha first. Since the longevity of the body on Earth was different so all are not going through same dasha but this dasha is continuous journey of the soul from the day one of his existance and will continue till liberation .

With the death of a person dasha is not over but it continues even after death because # Dasha is attached to soul and not the body #.

Whatever Karmas a person do on this earth in a particular dasha antardasha, the result he will get in the same dasha antardasha in his future births.

If I am suffering in Rahu Mercury dasha in this birth means I had done bad karma in Rahu Mercury dasha in my previous births. May be previous or pre previous.

Yes the birth chart is closed on the day of death so result of dasha after death will not be as per his birthchart but only as per his karmas in that dasha periods on earth.

When a child is born in a particular Nakshatra we say that the child has enjoyed certain years of this dasha before birth in astral world including 9 months in fetus and now rest period he will enjoy in this birth.

This is how dasha system is working continuous for a soul irrelevant to his birth and death Chanel .

Where the soul goes after death is a complex question but from the dasha at the time of death we can get some clue or hints but I am doing research on it.

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