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MALAVYA MAHA PURUSHA YOGA When Venus is in its exaltation sign, own sign or is in kendra to lagna and Moon, native will be wealthy, handsome, well built body and will be happy with his family. He will have good comforts in life. Bahu kala-kusalo, vimalokthikruth, su-vadana, madananubhavaha, pumaan avani-nayaka-maana, dhana-anvitho, Bhrugu-suthe, Malavya yoga-yuthe (Jataka Marthandam).The person shall be wealthy, loves life, sometimes self-indulgent; he shall have good marriage, and happy married life; she / he possesses strong sense of justice.He / she shall be astute, intelligent, talks intelligently and pleasign others. He has attractive facial features. He / she is fond of sex pleasures; he she is repected by the ruler (king) of the land; he shall be rich and prosperous.Venus periods is very beneficial to him / her. Example : 1 24 In Mahatma Gandhi’s horoscope, Venus is in placed in his own house (Libra), his birth lagna. Jupiter aspects (7th drushti) birth-lagna, Venus and Mercury. He has strong Malavya yoga; this made him passionate, possessive, aggressive, intense and a shrewd dealer. He was a writer, learned person, good speaker and an intellectual. Example :– 2 Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has 18 maha-raja-yogas in her chart. Mars and Moon are in opposition (mutually 7th houses); she has strong Malavya yoga.Venus is in his own house (Libra) in 4th house (Kendra; Sri Narayana sthana) from birth lagna. She is passionate, possessive, aggressive, intense and a shrewd dealer in political affaris. Jupiter Venus conjunction gives her Hari yoga. She enjoys royal comforts and a queenly life. She is multi-billionaire and de-facto ruler (sole monarch) of India during the period (2004—2009). 23 Example :–3 This is the Horoscope of Ms. Jayalalitha She got 12 Raja-yogams and this enabled her to come to power and rule Tamilnadu as Chief Minister for four tenures. Venus is exalted in Pisces in 10th house (Kendra; Sri Narayana sthana). She has strong Malavya yoga. She is passionate, possessive, very aggressive, intense and a shrewd dealer in political affaris. 22 Example :–4 This is the natal chart of a retired College Principal; he enjoyed a happy and prosperous life.Venus is exalted in birth lagna, both Kendra (Sri Narayana sthana) and kona (Sri Lakshmi sthana). This is Malavya yoga. Jupiter is in 4th house; Moon and Mercury are in 10th house (Kendras; Sri Narayana sthanas). He has strong Srika-yoga and Gaja-kesari yoga. 21     Source: jyothishi

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