Malavya Yoga in Vedic Astrology

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Malavya Yoga in Vedic Astrology : 

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Yoga in Jyotish Panch Mahapurush Yoga In Sanskrit Panch means Five, Maha means great and Purush means man (individual). The Yoga is formed by five planets Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn.   Any of these five planets in it’s own sign, Mool Trikona or exalted in a kendra (quadrant) which is 1, 4, 7 and 10th house.

Kendra is Vishnu sthan, Mahapurusha Yogas are formed only when the planets are in Kendras i.e. 1/4/7/10 house, not in any other house. Kendras are Vishnu sthanas and Mahapurusha Yogas forms the five great qualities of Vishnu. Thus Mhapurusha yogas are called Pancha mahapurusha YOGAS. Birth chart of Lord Rama Chandra and Krishana bhagwan had multiple of these Mahapurush Yoga.

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  Name of these Five Yoga as per association of different planets  

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Mahapurusha Yoga, whatever that planetary energy represents will be accentuated in the individual’s life. ruchakabhadrakahaMsakamAlavAH sashashakA iti pa~ncha cha kIrtitAH | svabhavanochchagateShu chatuShTaye xitisutAdiShu tAn kramasho vadet. 

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Malavya Yoga in Vedic Astrology

When Venus is Exalted or Moola Trikona or Own House and placed in quadrant 1/4/7/10 (Kendra). Exalted in Pisces Moola Trikona Libra upto 15° Own House Taurus and Libra Malavya Yoga cannot occur with reference to every sign of the zodiac in the same house.

Table is given below for every ascendant

Taurus Libra Pisces              1st House

Aries Scorpio Virgo              7th House

Gemini Leo Capricorn          10th house

Sagittarius Aquarius Cancer           4th house

Yogphal (effect) The person will have a well-developed physique, will be strong-minded, wealthy and happy with children and wife, will command vehicles, endowed with clean sense-organs and renowned and learned. Consistent with the nature of Venus, Malavya Yoga will make one resolute, immensely rich and give him happiness from wife and children and fame and name. Venus is the indicator of conveyances, sensual pleasures, music, dancing, fine arts, luxury and material comforts. Naturally Malavya Yoga renders one inclined towards all the indications of Venus, with the result his spiritual advancement and outlook will be in inverse ratio to his material comforts and pleasures. In other words, while both Hamsa and  Malavya are Raja Yogas, the former makes one more idealistic, spiritual, broad-minded and selfless, while the latter indicates love of pleasure, and a predominantly materialistic outlook of life.    

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Malavya” means relating to or belonging to the country Malava (Malva) of the  in central India, the  yoga is named after this. The natives with Malavya Yoga have the greatest capacity for enjoyment. The wise and diplomatic qualities of Venus are very accentuated in natives with this yoga. Their strength comes from recognizing the true value of anything they might desire or aspire towards, and therefore not involving themselves in any activity that costs them more then they can afford; whether the price is material, emotional or spiritual.

These natives also have the greatest ability to harmoniously enjoy the good things in the world without lusting or craving after them. Of course, if Venus is afflicted this will not hold true.   Malva was one among Sixteen Great States (Shodash Maha Janpad ) in 6th century B.C. this being center of politics. Malavya Yoga, a yoga that gives strength to Venus, planet of politics.   Greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language Kālidāsa(4th -5th Cen. A.D.) is then said to have become the most brilliant of the “nine gems” at the court of the king Vikramaditya of Ujjain. Capital of Malva.  

Description: “The Malavya native is lustrous like Chandra, of slender waist, medium stature, with beautiful lips the lower being not very fleshy, and having an ordinary red complexion, with white, even, well-formed teeth, and a pleasant fragrance to the body. Handsome and gracefully built one has the gestures, bodily structure and the shinning eyes of a woman. The limbs are strong and the arms are long enough to reach to the knees. One has a majestic voice akin to that of a tusker, and is richly dressed and well ornamented.

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The face is 13 anguls in length and ten in breadth, and the temperament is kapha and vata.” Personality: “One is fond of music, silver, jewels, women, furniture, clothes and garments; and enjoys all the pleasures of life to suit their passion. Liberal, meritorious, resolute, powerful, wealthy, and fortunate, one becomes famous and prospers. One is blessed with children, spouse, and vehicles, and eats good meals. One possesses unperturbed senses and becomes a monarch of cultured mind.”

Religion and Knowledge: “Learned, one knows the meaning of the sacred scriptures, and is clever in the application of the three regal powers: strength, capacity and counsel.” Life and Death: “One lives happily for seventy (77) years as ruler of Lata, Sindhu and Malva and then leaves for his heavenly abode after shuffling off his mortal coils in a sacred place through yoga or penance.” (He rules over the western part (Lata, Sindhu and Malva) of the country and lives happily up to a ripe old age) Malavya Yoga is specific to venus exalted or in own sign in Kendra.

The most powerful Malavya Yoga will occur for Geminy ascendant  if Venus is exclusively in the 10th (most powerful Kendra) and exalted or in own house and is a highly functional benefic as per your ascendant. If the Venus turns out to be a functional malefic as for Aries ascendant then the good will be reduced. Famaous people born with Malavya yoga Malavya yoga in seventh house in Léonard de VINCI’s horoscope.   Malavya yoga in Léonard de VINCI's horoscope  

Mahatma Gandhi had Malavya yoga in his Lagna (1st house) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Karl Marx Mercury-Venus conjunction with Malavya yoga in 4thhouse. Albert Einstein – The Philosopher & Scientist of the Century took him to dizzy heights in life. Presence of many auspicious and powerful yogas made him a renowned person around the world. The presence of “Malavya yoga” (Pisces Venus is exalted causing Malavya and Mercury is creating Neechbhanga raja yoga.) in his birth chart.

Sonia Gandhi has Malavya Yog in 4th House   Sania Mirza, was born in Mumbai on November 15, 1986.Sun, retrograde Mercury and retrograde Venus are placed in the 10th house   Source: astroworld


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