Marriage Astrology – Mutual Attraction between Couple

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Usually in India before marriage, horoscopes of bride & groom are matched and the process is called as Guna Milan.
In actual practice it doesn’t seem to work and even after, high score of Guna Milan, marriages turn bad.

Just like any other analysis, a balanced and dynamic approach should be adopted here.

  • Ascendant, Sun and Moon also needs to be included here.
  • Ascendant rules over physical features.

Sun rules over our soul and Spiritual side, whereas Moon controls over mind along with Ascendant.

The basic foundation of marriage is the mutual attraction between couples, without mutual attraction, nothing can progress in a marriage.

Marriage Astrology: Mutual Attraction between Couple
Marriage Astrology: Mutual Attraction between Couple

Astrological Parameters for mutual attraction between couples

Following parameters needs to be checked for mutual attraction between couples.

1. The further the ascendant is from each other more will be the attraction. That is why in general terms people say that Taurus natives are most compatible for Scorpio natives.

2. Venus is sex desire for a male whereas Mars do the same for females. In this rules, Mars of a female should be conjunct with or aspect the Venus of males horoscope. Same way, Venus of the boy should be conjunct with or aspects Mars of female.

Even when one relation is present, it is good. If it repeats in navamsha also, it is best.
If above rule is applicable in the natal chart and absent in navamsha, then the mutual attraction fades with time.
If it is absent in natal chart but is present in navamsha then the mutual attraction develops with time.

3.When such relation of Mars or Venus is established with Sun or Moon of the horoscope, it gives a strong attachment where couples enjoy a good time together with lots of respect for each other.

4.When Sun of one partner is making a relationship with Moon of another partner, or they are in mutual trine to each other, then there will be deep friendship after marriage. Mutual placement in 6th,8th and 12th house is not supportive in this regard.

5.This rule is very important, the signs occupied by the ascendant lord, the moon, and sun of partners, if afflicted in the chart of the partner then it brings problems in married life. The problem will be physical if the ascendant sign is afflicted. Spiritual when the sign of Sun is afflicted and mental when the sign of Moon is afflicted.

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