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As an example of how to do the analysis we will look at what should have been the ‘dream couple of the 20th. Century’ Prince Charles and Lady Diana. You see the charts below.

Note that although the marriage did not work out, neither of them has Kuja Dosha from the ascendant. They both have Kuja Dosha from the Moon. Nevertheless, the theory that Kuja Dosha (from the Moon) is cancelled if both partners have Kuja Dosha (from the Moon) has obviously not worked in this case.

|       Name: Prince Charles           Prepared By: Roeland De Looff           |
| Birth Date: 14-11-1948                   Weekday: Sunday                     |
|       Time: 21:14:00                         GMT: 21:14:00                   |
|  Time Zone:  0      West                 TZ Name: Greenwich Mean Time        |
|   Latitude: 51 30'00" North             Location:                            |
|  Longitude:  0 10'00" West              Ayanamsa: Lahiri 23 08'23"           |
|                                                                              |
|           Rasi Angle and Sign         Nakshatra, Lord, Pada, Sound Velocity  |
|           --------------------------  ---------------------------  --------  |
|Ascendant:  12 14'45"    Cancer        Pushyami   Saturn  3   HO      0.72    |
|      Sun:  29 17'53"    Libra         Vishakha   Jupiter 3   THAY    1.01    |
|     Moon:   7 17'28"    Aries         Aswini     Ketu    3   CHO     0.93    |
|  Mercury:  13 50'33"    Libra         Swati      Rahu    3   RO      1.48    |
|    Venus:  23 16'02"    Virgo         Hasta      Moon    4   DHA     1.22    |
|     Mars:  27 49'38"    Scorpio       Jeyshta    Mercury 4   YU      1.38    |
|  Jupiter:   6 45'31"    Sagittarius   Moola      Ketu    3   BA      2.46    |
|   Saturn:  12 08'17"    Leo           Makha      Ketu    4   MAY     1.70    |
|     Rahu:  11 52'07" D  Aries         Aswini     Ketu    4   LA      0.01    |
|     Ketu:  11 52'07" D  Libra         Swati      Rahu    2   RAY     0.01    |

|9th Pisces         |10th Aries         |11th Taurus        |12th Gemini       |
|                   | Moon            - |                   |                  |
|                   | Rahu D         -- |                   |                  |
|                   |                   |                   |                  |
|8th Aquarius       |                                       |1st Cancer        |
|                   |                                       | Ascendant        |
|                   |                                       |                  |
|                   |              Rasi Chart               |                  |
|-------------------|                 for                   |------------------|
|7th Capricorn      |            Prince Charles             |2nd Leo           |
|                   |                                       | Saturn           |
|                   |                                       |                  |
|                   |                                       |                  |
|6th Sagittarius    |5th Scorpio        |4th Libra          |3rd Virgo         |
| Jupiter        MT | Mars          ORT | Ketu D         ++ | Venus       f=++ |
|                   |                   | Mercury       =++ |                  |
|                   |                   | Sun            fe |                  |

|       Name: Princess Diana           Prepared By: Roeland De Looff           |
| Birth Date: 01-07-1961                   Weekday: Saturday                   |
|       Time: 18:45:00                         GMT: 18:45:00                   |
|  Time Zone:  0      West                 TZ Name: Greenwich Mean Time        |
|   Latitude: 52 30'00" North             Location:                            |
|  Longitude:  0 30'00" East              Ayanamsa: Lahiri 23 19'00"           |
|                                                                              |
|           Rasi Angle and Sign         Nakshatra, Lord, Pada, Sound Velocity  |
|           --------------------------  ---------------------------  --------  |
|Ascendant:  25 27'44"    Scorpio       Jeyshta    Mercury 3   YE      0.88    |
|      Sun:  16 21'41"    Gemini        Aridra     Rahu    3   JNA     0.95    |
|     Moon:   1 43'00"    Aquarius      Dhanishta  Mars    3   GU      1.06    |
|  Mercury:   9 53'21" Rx Gemini        Aridra     Rahu    1   KU     -0.47    |
|    Venus:   1 06'06"    Taurus        Krittika   Sun     2   EE      1.02    |
|     Mars:   8 20'35"    Leo           Makha      Ketu    3   MU      1.10    |
|  Jupiter:  11 46'52" Rx Capricorn     Sravana    Moon    1   JU     -1.25    |
|   Saturn:   4 29'47" Rx Capricorn     U. Ashada  Sun     3   JA     -2.05    |
|     Rahu:   4 43'59" Dx Leo           Makha      Ketu    2   ME     -0.20    |
|     Ketu:   4 43'59" Dx Aquarius      Dhanishta  Mars    4   GAY    -0.20    |

|5th Pisces         |6th Aries          |7th Taurus         |8th Gemini        |
|                   |                   | Venus          Oe | Mercury Rx     O |
|                   |                   |                   | Sun            - |
|                   |                   |                   |                  |
|4th Aquarius       |                                       |9th Cancer        |
| Moon         TKe+ |                                       |                  |
| Ketu Dx        ++ |                                       |                  |
|                   |              Rasi Chart               |                  |
|-------------------|                 for                   |------------------|
|3rd Capricorn      |            Princess Diana             |10th Leo          |
| Saturn Rx       O |                                       | Rahu Dx          |
| Jupiter Rx    Tf- |                                       | Mars         K++ |
|                   |                                       |                  |
|2nd Sagittarius    |1st Scorpio        |12th Libra         |11th Virgo        |
|                   | Ascendant         |                   |                  |
|                   |                   |                   |                  |
|                   |                   |                   |                  |


First let us do the ’easy analysis’.

  1. Ascendant: The ascendant of Charles in in Cancer and of Lady Di in Scorpio. This is a 5/9 relationship and therefore good.
  2. Moon: The Moon of Charles is in Aries and the Moon of Lady Di in Aquarius. This is a 3/11 relationship and therefore quite well. On the level of the mind (Moon) they will connect well to each other.
  3. Sun: The Sun of Lady Di is in Gemini and of Charles in Libra. This is a 5/9 relationship and is very good. On the level of the soul (Sun) there must have been agreement.
  4. Mercury: Mercury in Diana’s chart is in Gemini and in the chart of Charles in Libra. Again this is a 5/9 relationship, which means that there must have been good communication.
  5. Venus: The Venus of Charles is in Virgo and the Venus of Diana is in Taurus. This is another 5/9 relationship. There must have been some love between the couple.
  6. Mars: Mars in Charles chart is in Scorpio and Mars in Diana’s chart is in Leo. This is a kendra relationship and therefore difficult. The two energies are in conflict. There must have been some fights. Because there is a considerable difference in age we can proceed to analyse Jupiter and Saturn
  7. Jupiter: Jupiter in the chart of Diana is in Capricorn and in the chart of Charles in Sagitarius. This is a 2/12 relationship and therefore bad. Their goals and ideals must have been different.
  8. Saturn: Saturn in the chart of Diana is in Capricorn and in the chart of Charles in Leo. The relationship is 6/8 and therefore bad. Being in each other’s presence did certainly not lessen the feelings of inadequacy

Conclusion: The ascendant, Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus agree. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are not. This is a somewhat better than average score. However, we have more information than that, by making the analysis we have seen where the difficulties are and where there are points of agreement.


I will follow my own advice and keep a maximum orb of 5 degrees.

This type of analysis is easier if you take one chart as the point of departure.

I will use the chart of Diana for that, but I could also have taken the chart of Charles.

  1. Diana has her ascendant at 25.27 Scorpio. First, we have to look whether Charles has planets between 20.27 (25.27-5) and 30.00 of each sign (we do not go beyond a sign). If we have found such planets we will have to analyze whether they form aspects and if so which aspects. Charles has the Sun in Libra at 29.16, but because planets in Libra cannot make aspects to planets in Scorpio this is not an aspect. He also has Mars at 27.48 Scorpio. This is right on her ascendant. She (ascendant) will stimulate his energy (Mars). This aspect may also cause disagreements. His Venus is at 23.14 Virgo. This is a sextile and therefore positive. His sense of beauty (Venus) is pleased by her presence (ascendant).
  2. The Moon of Diana is at 1.43 Aquarius. We are going to look whether Charles has planets between 0 (we never go beyond the sign) and 6.43 degrees of each sign. He does not have any. It seems he is incapable of connecting to her on the level of feelings and he can not reach her mind. In a relationship, this is problematic.
  3. The Sun of Diana is at 16.21 Gemini. The range that we have to investigate is 11.21 tot 21.21. We find the ascendant of Charles at 12.14 Cancer. A planet, which is in Cancer cannot make a Tajika aspect to a planet that is in Sagittarius. Mercury in Charles’ chart is at 13.48 in Libra. This is a trine and may mean that Charles can reason (Mercury) with Diana (Sun). On an intellectual level, he can connect with her. Charles’ Saturn is in Leo at 12.07. This is a sextile. Charles may ground (Saturn) Diana (Sun).
  4. Mercury in Diana’s chart is at 9.53 Gemini. The range is 4.53 tot 14.53. The ascendant of Charles is within range but does not make a Tajika aspect because an astrological point in Cancer cannot make an aspect to a planet in Gemini. The Moon is at 7.17 Aries, which makes a sextile to Diana’s Mercury. He can talk (Mercury) to Diana about his feelings (Moon) (however, we have seen under 2 that she cannot do the same thing to him). His Mercury is at 13.48 Libra. This is a trine. On a more intellectual level they can connect well to each other. His Saturn is at 12.07 Leo. He may help her to speak (Mercury) clearly (Saturn).
  5. Venus in the chart of Diana is at 1.06 Taurus. The range is 0-6.06. Now we see that not a single planet of Charles makes an aspect to this Venus. Because Venus is the natural karaka for marriage, this is a bad situation. It is strange that her husband does not activate Diana’s planet of love and marriage in any way.
  6. The Mars of Diana is at 8.21 Leo. The range will be 3.21 and 13.21. Charles’ ascendant is at 12.14 in Cancer. This is not an aspect, because an astrological factor in Cancer cannot make a Tajika aspect to a planet in Leo. The Moon of Charles is at 7.17 Aries. This is a trine. Charles’ mind (Moon) will be empowered (Mars) by Diana. Jupiter in Charles’ chart is at 6.44 Sagittarius. Again, a trine. Charles will stimulate (Jupiter) her strength (Mars). Charles’ Saturn is at 12.08 Leo. This is a conjunction. A conjunction especially between to planets which are very much different from each other is difficult. Mars is a planet that wants totally different things than Saturn. Mars wants to express his energy. Saturn restricts. Therefore, Charles’ Saturn restricts the expression of the energy of Diana. This is interesting because when we were dealing with the trine of his Jupiter to her Mars we said Charles would support her energy. In Tajika analysis, it is inevitable that we encounter situations like that. It may very well be that on one level he supported her energy (indeed it was because of him that she came out into the limelight) and on another level blocked it (their bad marriage).
  7. Jupiter in Diana’s chart is at 11.47 Capricorn. The range is 6.47 tot 16.47. Charles has his ascendant at 12.14 Cancer. Therefore, Diana’s Jupiter is located opposite his ascendant. What is even more interesting is that it conjuncts a point called the descendant which says something about marriage (the descendant is always exactly opposite the ascendant). Jupiter’s Diana on his descendant (marriage point) is very good. She seems to be able to fullfill his wishes on the field of marriage. The Moon of Charles is at 7.17 Aries. This is a square. Now squares of Jupiter are not that bad, because Jupiter is the great benefic. It may be that she gives some unrest in his mind (Moon), but this is not an aspect, which causes great problems. Another square is made to his Mercury, which is in Libra (13.51). It may be that she stimulates his thinking too much and brings some unrest in her life.
  8. Saturn in Diana’s chart is at 4.30 Capricorn. The range is 0-9.30. Charles Moon is at 7.17 Aries. This is a square. A Saturn-Moon affliction is one of the worst aspects possible. The Moon is where we are vulnerable. If the Saturn of a person afflicts our Moon than we do not feel safe with that person. Neither do we feel accepted by him or her. Diana may cause Charles to feel depressed. Especially in a marriage, this is a probematic aspect.

The conclusion is many aspects are harmonic (although there are also some very difficult ones). There must be some reason why for many people they appeared to be a ‘dream couple’ for some time and we should realize that it is because of this marriage that Diana changed from an unknown girl into a legend. However, it is striking that neither Diana’s Moon nor Venus were touched by the planets of Charles. I believe that these ‘soft planets’ are cruxial in marriage.

Whatever their connection was, on the feeling of love (Venus) and feelings (Moon) Diana was not touched by Charles at all.

By giving interpretations, I have given the more commonly used interpretations. However, it may be that in this special case we could also have choosen other meanings for the planets. Like Jupiter is the planet that has to do with fame. The Sun is the planet of royalty. If you look at some of the trines and sextiles with these ‘alternative meanings’ in mind this may give additional insight in how these trines have worked out.

My goal was to give an example of a Tajika analysis, which is of use to you when you make your own analyses. That is why I have choosen the more common meanings of the planets and have not choosen meanings which possibly could be more appropiate for this particular situation.


We are not done with Charles and Diana yet. Now we will make their Kuta analysis.

  1. Dina Kuta: Diana’s Moon is in Dhanista (23). Charles’ Moon is in Ashwini (1). Now we have to count: 23,24,25,26,27,1 the Nakshatra of Charles is 6 Nakshatras from the Nakshatra of Diana. This is good. Therefore 3 points are given.
  2. Gana Kuta: Charles has his Moon in a deva Nakshatra, but Diana is a Rakshaka. This is a difficult match therefore no points are given.
  3. Mahendra Kuta: The Nakshatra of Charles is 6 Nakshatras from that of Diana. Therefore the match according to this factor is bad.
  4. Stree Deergha: The Nakshatra of Charles is not more than 9 Nakshatras away from the Nakshatra of Diana. The pairing is bad.
  5. Yoni: Now we will finally know how Charles and Diana felt when they were making love. Charles’ yoni is the yoni of of male horse. However, Diana has the yoni of a female Mongoose. This gives only one point.
  6. Rasi Kuta: The Moon of Diana is in Aquarius and the Moon of Charles in Aries. That means the Moon of Charles is in the third from the Moon of Diana. This gives bad results. No points are given.
  7. Graha Maitram: The lord of Diana’s Moon is Saturn and of Charles Moon is Mars. According to diagram 5 in the first course Saturn is neutral to Mars, but Mars is an enemy to Saturn. This could result in � point. However, in the navamsa of Diana (not shown) the Moon is in Libra and in the navamsa of Charles (not shown) the Moon is in Gemini. It happens that Venus is a friend of Mercury and Mercury is a friend of Venus. Therefore three points are given.
  8. Vasya: Charles’ Moon feels attraction to Leo and Scorpio. However Diana’s Moon is in Aquarius. Diana’s Moon feels attracted to Aries, which is the sign in which Charles’ Moon is located. Therefore one point is given.
  9. Rajju: Charles’ Moon (Ashwini) is located in Padarajju and Diana’s Moon (Dhanista) in Sirorajju. Thus they are located in different rajus, which is good .
  10. Vedha: Ashwini and Dhanita do not afflict each other. Therefore this factor is good.
  11. Varna: Aries and Aquarius are Vaisya signs. Therefore they are of the same Varna. This is good and one point is being given because of that.
  12. Nadi: Ashwini is a Vata Nakshatra and Dhanistha is Pitta. These are different doshas. Therefore eight points are given.

The maximum amount of points to be gained is 36. In this case the match gets 17 points. This is not good. A Vedic astrologer would not have approved of this marriage.


Source: Dirah

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