Matters relating to the birth of Children in Vedic Astrology – Part 2

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11. If the 5th house or its lord be in a male sign or navamsa or be associated
with and aspected by male planets, the native will have all male issues. There will
be birth of daughter if the 5th or its lord be in a female sign or navamsa or be
associated with or aspected by female planets.


12. Conception may take place when the Sun and Venus in a male’s nativity
and Mars and Venus in the case of a female’s nativity are vested with adequate
strength and pass their signs or navamsas identical with an upachaya house.

13. The number of issues is to be ascertained by examining the number of
planets in the 5th house and at the sometime that are not (1) inimical (2) in their
sign of debilitation and (3) in inimical navamsa. The same could also be
ascertained by study of the number of planets similarly situated but in conjunction
with the lord of the 5th house.
The study of benefic dots of planets in the 5th house from Jupiter or the
navamsa occupied by the Sun, also enables one to guess the number of issues. ln
this verse is explained the method of ascertaining female and male nativities
whettor they are physically capable of producing children.

14. In the case of a female nativity add the longitudes (spast) of the Moon,
Mars and Jupiter. If the result comes to an even sign and even navamsa, the
strength of fecundity in the female for producing issues is assured. If it is mixed
(i.e. sign male and navamsa female or vice versa), she will be able to produce
children after great effort
In the case of a male nativity if the sum total of the longitudes of the Sun,
Venus and Jupiter denotes an odd sign and an odd navamsa, it is Indicative of the
strong physical capacity of the male to produce children and in case one of the two
(sign and navamsa) be even, the result will be mixed.
Notes — If in the case of female nativity the sum total denotes odd sign and
odd navamsa, and in a male’s nativity the result signifies even sign and even
navamsa, their physical capacity to produce children will be almost nil or very

15. Subtract five times the longitude of the Sun from five times the
longitude of the Moon. If the Tithi represented by the result be an auspicious one in
the bright half of the lunar month, the native will definitely have progeny without
much effort. But if the resulting Tithi be one of the dark half of the month, the
effect will be taken to be negative. It is by close examination of the Tithi-whether it
is auspicious or is auspicious in both the Pakshas — bright and dark — that one
has to ascertain whether the native will have issues or not. During an Amavasya, a
Chidra Tithi, the Vishti karana or any of the Sthlra karanas, there will be no Issue
at all.

Notes—The Chidra Tithis are (1) Chaturthi, (2) Shasti, (3) Ashtami, (4)
Navami, (5) Dwadashi and (6) Chaturdashi. These days are generally avoided for
any auspicious function.

There are 11 karanas distributed over the 30 Tithis of the lunar month at the
rate of 2 karanas for each Tithi. The four of these (1) Chatuspada, (2) Nagava. (3)
Kirnstugne and (4) Sakune are called Sthira karanas and are so named as they
permanently hold two over the four half Tithis commencing from the second half
of Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. The other seven viz.. (1) Bava (2) Balava, (3)
Kailava, (4) Tatthila, (5) Garaya, (6) Vaniya and (7) Vishta or Bhadra are called
Char or movable karanas and occur In 8 cycles to preside over the remaining 56
half — to this of the lunar month beginning the later half of Shukla paksha
Remedial Measures

16-18. Should, however, the result happen to be one of the Chidra Tithis, the
Vlshtl Karana or a Sthir Karana, the remedial measure to worship lord Krishna by
recitation of Purusha Sukta Mantras to ward off the barrenness threatening the
faimty. If the resultant Tlthl comes out to be Shastl, the native ought to offer
prayers to God Subramanya. If it be Chaturthi the lord of the Serpents has to be
appeased. If It be navami, the recitation of Ramayana and listening to Ramayana is
the remedy. If it is Ashtami, the Sravana Vrata by fasting has to be observed. If it
be Chaturdasi the native should worship God Rudra (Shiva) by Rudraparayana. If
the Tithi be Dwadashi he should appease the gods by feeding the needy. If it be
Amavasya or Poornamasi the Manes have to be propitiated. These measures are
absolutely essential to be observed with greater care and attention when the Tithi
happens to be one among the last five, namely after Krishna paksha Dasami.
Generally, In the dark half of a month to which so ever of the three division a Tithi
may belong, worship ought to be resorted to: the particular deity to be propitiated
being Nagaraja in the first division, namely l-5Tlthi, Skanda in the second (next
five Tithis i.e. 6-10) and Hari in the third or last five.

19. If in any nativity, the lord of the 5th house be in his inimical or sign of
debilitation, be combust or be posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house there is no
possibility of native getting an issue. If the planet in the 5th house be in his
inimical sign or sign of debilitation or be the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th.
childlessness will be the definite consequence. He ought to divine the source of the
same by an examination of the particular deity, tree and animal represented by the
sign occupied by the planet.

20-22. If the obstacle causing planet is the Sun, the person concerned will be
sonless due to disrespect shown to God Shiva and Garuda and the consequent
curse of the Manes. If such a planet be the Moon, it will be due to displeasure and
anger of the mother, Sumangli or other respectful woman owing to her feelings
having been hurt. If the planet concerned be Mars, tt will be due to some fault due
to the village deity, to God Kartikeya, to an enemy or one’s Dayadins. In the case
of Mercury, the sonlessness will be due to crimes of youngester or to the killing of
spawns (eggs of fishes and similar creatures), or the displeasure of God Vishnu. If
the cause of sonlessness be due to Jupiter, it will be due to harm caused to the
hereditary Brahma family priest or the destruction of a tree full of fruits. If the
childlessness causing be Venus, it will be due to cutting of a tree full of flowers or
harm to a virtuous woman or to the cows or a sinful deed to people that ought to be
revered. If Saturn be the planet responsible for causing childlessness, it will be due
to the destruction of an Aswatha or Peepal tree or on account of wrath of yama or
through departed spirits, goblins and the like. If Rahu should occupy the 5th house
or be associated with the lord of that house, it will be due to the curse of a serpent.



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