Is MODI JI PM AGAIN? Lok Sabha Election 2019 – Prime ministers of India

Detailed astrology Prediction of Narendra Modi Birth chart for PM of India again

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( After the Air Force strike in Pakistan on 26 February, the whole scenario is changed in the country and shri Narendra Modi has become the most favourite PM again. In this context please read my earlier post dated 25 December again )


Shri Narendra Modi was born on 17th September at 10.56 morning at Vadnagar Gujarat. Scorpio is rising at 0 degree. Mars is also at 0 degree exact on Lagna degree. Sun is at 0 degree Virgo in 11th with Mercury also at 0 degree and Ketu at 5 degree. Saturn at 29 degree Leo in 10th very close to Sun at 0 degree. Will BJP will win in Karnataka election 2018?

Some important points in Modi Birth Chart

Main important and interesting point is Lagna Sun Mars and Mercury are at zero degrees. This is the reason he climbed the heights suddenly and became Prime Minister of India. Zero and 29 degrees have too much magnetic potential. ( I will write a separate post on 0 and 29 degree )

  • Zero degree Lagna bestows good health and charming personality. 
  • Zero degree Sun gives administrative skill, power, vitality and too much fame, and self confidence. Also spiritual bent of mind.
  • Zero degree Mars bestows too much courage, daring, initiative skill and fearlessness. 
  • Zero degree Mercury gives skill, high intelligence, analytical power, good speech and vision. 
  • 29 degree Saturn makes one matured, hard working, disciplined, punctual, shrewd and diplomat.

We witnessed all these qualities in our PM. Now let us focus on 2019 lok sabha election to be held in April May 2019 and result expecting within 17 to 19 May 2019.

Will Moon & Sun give Power again?

Modi ji will be running Moon dasha Ketu antardasha and Sun sukshma dasha at the time of election. Now Ketu and Sun are at 11th house and both represent 10th house. (Ketu represents Sun and Sun is 10th lord) so dasha is promising him to give power again.

Now progressed Sun in 2019 will touch natal Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio. See Moon is the lord of 9th house ( Fortune and Kingdom ). So P. Sun also confirms power again in 2019.

Bhrigu Chakra System Analysis

Let us analysis through Unique Bhrigu Chakra System. Modi ji completed 68 years on 17.09.2018 and running 69th so his 9th house (Kingdom) is activated. Lord of 9th is in Lagna so Lagna is also activated along with Moon ( support of public ) and Mars ( victory over competitors ). Rahu is aspecting Lagna so Rahu is also activated in 2019. Rahu is the planet of politics, magic charm and also the planet of diplomacy to make post-election coalition. So Rahu will support him after election to become PM. FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 Astrological Prediction

He is running 6th cycle in BCP which is run by Jupiter. When 9th house is activated Jupiter dominates that year because Jupiter is the natural ruler of 9th house. The beauty is, in transit Jupiter will be in Lagna and aspect the activated 9th house.

At the time of result of election around 17 to 20 May, his monthly cycle in BCP will be in the start of 5th house where natal Rahu is already present. Rahu will support him after result to form the Govt with coalition. Yes he will win this battle again and nobody can stop his journey to PM destination. 2018 Financial Crisis and Water Problem in INDIA

The present scenario is against Mr. Modi due to Moon Mercury dasha but the moment he enters Moon Ketu dasha by end of February 2019, the whole picture will be changed and the atmosphere of the country will be in favour of Modi ji. TIME is the only factor in everybody’s life.

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