Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga

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Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga

Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga is one of the powerful planetary combination which form powerful yoga that makes a person powerful, wealthy, prosperous, famous and virtuous. When planet debilitated in horoscope, it does not mean native have Neecha bhanga Raj yoga.

Debilitated Definition: When a planet placed in specific degrees in a sign with fall in power and energy is known as its debilitated sign. All planet get debilitated in the  7th sign from the sign of exaltation which mean opposite to exalted house.

Neecha bhanga Raja yoga will give results during periods and sub-periods of debilitated planets, exalted planets, sign lords.

Sign Lords Definition: Ruling planets of signs, e.g. Mars-Aries, Sun-Leo, Jupiter-Sagittarius… of debilitated and exalted houses, especially when occupying benefic.

Benefic Definition: Planets having natural beneficial and positive influences, opposite to malefic…. houses

Houses Definition: These are twelve sections of zodiac circle having 360° numbered clockwise Ascendant is known as the first house and the last house is known as the twelfth house Each house represents specific traits used for prediction…. and signs.

Horoscope Definition: synonym birth chart, prepared with date, time and place of birth of an individual…. should be examined very carefully, before going to any conclusion.

The person who have Neecha bhanga raja yoga in horoscope experiences and hardships due to the debilitated planet in the horoscope make a person strong willed and channelize his/her energy in proper direction. If person have strong will power, Neecha bhanga Raj Yoga will remove all your negative approaches and lead you to a successful life. Many celebrities and dignitaries have born with this Yoga and they are famous film stars, sports persons, and political leaders or hold high official ranks.

What is Neech Bhanga Mean?

Neecha Bhanga means cancellation of debilitation of a planet. Neecha means debilitated and Bhanga means cancellation. This is a very important and most powerful yoga among all the yogas. The debilitated planet gets power after the cancellation of its debilitation.

The person who is born with Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga will be like a king.  

Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga Rules: 

Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga forms in horoscope when planet debilitation get cancelled.

Debilitation of a planet gets cancelled: If a planet is in debilitation (e.g. moon), the lord of the sign (e.g. Mars) in which this debilitated planet is placed (e.g. moon in Scorpio) at the time of birth is in a Kendra (quadrant) from Janam lagna(e.g. Aries) or Chandra lagna, the debilitation gets cancelled.

Debilitation of a planet (e.g. moon in Scorpio) gets cancelled if the lord of its exalted sign(e.g. Venus) occupies a Kendra or quadrant

Quadrant Definition: One of the four sections of a horoscope, each bounded by two angles…. from Janam lagna(e.g.Aries ascendant) or Chandra (Natal moon).The person will be like an emperor. If a planet is debilitated in a sign (e.g. moon in Scorpio) and has aspect of its lord (e.g. Mars (Mangal)… in full strength).Here the planet which aspects

Aspects Definition: Angular distances between planets, based on zodiacal longitudes, calculated in specific degrees, viz trine, square, represent relationship between two planets Planets generally influence 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th house due to their aspect…. the debilitated planet should not be in combustion.

If a planet is debilitated (e.g. moon in Scorpio) and is aspected by its exaltation

Exaltation Definition: A planet posited in specific degrees with enhanced power and energy at its best. Opposite is debilitation…. lord (e.g. Venus (Shukra) in strength). If a debilitated planet (e.g. mercury (Budha) in Pisces) is aspected by another planet in debilitation (e.g. Jupiter in Capricorn), the debilitation gets cancelled. Debilitation gets cancelled if a debilitated planet exchanges sign with its dispositor (Parivartan yoga or exchange yoga occurs). Example: Mars is placed in Cancer (Kataka) and Moon in Scorpio. Dispositor is a planet in whose sign another planet is located in the natal

Natal Definition: Birth, natal chart is used for birth chart.

Debilitation of a planet (e.g. moon in Scorpio) gets cancelled if this planet’s own sign (e.g. Cancer) is occupied by its exalted planet (e.g. Jupiter in Cancer), in Kendra ( 4th house from Lagna) and has aspect on the debilitated planet (i.e. moon). Example: If a planet is in its debilitated sign (e.g. moon in Scorpio) in 8th house and this planet’s own sign i.e. Cancer is occupied by its exalted planet Jupiter, which is in 4th house from Lagna (i.e. Aries) and the exalted planet Jupiter has an aspect on debilitated moon, debilitation of moon is cancelled.

Debilitation gets cancelled, if a planet is in its exalted sign (e.g. Venus in Pisces) with a planet placed in its debilitated sign (e.g. Mercury in Pisces) or conjunction.

Conjunction Definition: Within 8 degrees of arc…. of an exalted planet (e.g. Venus in Pisces) with a debilitated planet (e.g. Mercury in Pisces), in a Kendra or Trikona from the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna, the person will be an emperor or hold a high official rank. Example: If both the planets Mercury and Venus are placed in Virgo (Kanya) (in 4th house), the lord of the sign, i.e. Mercury that gets exalted in the sign Virgo is also occupied by the debilitated planet Venus, both are in a trikona from the lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet Venus (i.e. Jupiter in 8th house from Gemini (Mithun) Lagna).

Here Jupiter has an aspect on both Mercury and Venus placed in Virgo. Sun and Saturn (Shani) in either Aries (Mesha) or in Libra Mars and Jupiter in either Cancer or in Capricorn Mercury and Venus in either Virgo or in Pisces If a debilitated planet (e.g. Mercury in Pisces) is aspected by another debilitated planet (e.g. Venus in Virgo) or by its own dispositor. Debilitation gets cancelled if a planet is exalted in the Navamsha. Navamsha Definition: In Indian Vedic astrology, this is the 1/9th divisional chart(varga),powerful and the most important of 16 charts(varga), mainly related to marriage prediction.

Predictions are made through position of planets in various houses of Navamsha chart, quite similar to the judgments are given according to the position of planets in different houses in astrological natal charts. If the debilitated planet is in Vargottam Navamsha (i.e. a planet occupies same sign in Lagna and Navamsha charts), the debilitation gets cancelled, as the planet gains strength. A powerful Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga also occurs along with Vipareet Raj Yoga. This kind of Neecha Bhanga is like a chain which is formed between two or more debilitated planets.

If debilitated Sun is placed in Libra: Libra (Tula) Definition: Thula sign lord Venus is also debilitated in Virgo, both the debilitated planets gain strong Neecha Bhanga and debilitation get cancelled for both the planets If Mercury is debilitated in Pisces,

Pisces (Meena) Definition: Meena lord Jupiter is also debilitated in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury both gain a powerful Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga If debilitated planet 6th lord (e.g. Mercury) is placed in 12th house (e.g. Pisces) and debilitated planet 12th house lord Jupiter is placed in 6th house (e.g. Virgo) from Janam lagna(e.g. Aries) , both the debilitated planets Jupiter and Mercury have mutual aspect, a strong Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga occurs along with both Vipreet Raj yoga and Parivartan Yoga. This Yoga is extremely powerful. A strong Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga occurs only if the debilitated planet is not combust, gets aspect of the benefic planets in strength or owns preferably a benefic Bhava (house) or occupies a Kendra (quadrant) in a benefic and friendly sign, otherwise only planet’s debility is removed and it gains strength.

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