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NEECHA BHANGA RAJA YOGA (Cancellation of debilitation)

NEECHA BHANGA RAJA YOGA is a very common term amongst all the preachers of astrology.

First of all let me list the rules related to this concept, as per the nadi texts:
A planet causing neecha bhanga will make the person emperor and that too in his youth.

a) depositor of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet in Kendra
b) Conjunction of an exalted planet with a debilitated planet(like sun and Saturn in Libra and Aries, Jupiter and mars in Capricorn and cancer…etc)
NOTE: NEECHA BHANGA RAJ YOGA DO NOT FUNCTION for natives with CANCER ASCENDANT….on the contrary it would obstruct the prosperity. (This is as per Devakeralam text)

Before moving ahead let me give you one more concept, the more a deliberated planet is close to its highest debilitation degree, the more powerful would be its neecha bhanga .
(Like in case of Sun its 10 degrees of Libra)

Let me also list the applicability of this Raj yoga as per other sources (right from various forums to blogs to books to general articles on Internet or as per my little humble experience)

1) Both exalted and deliberated planet in one Rashi.
Jupiter mars in cancer, Capricorn
sun and Saturn in Aries and Libra
Venus mercury in Virgo and Pieces etc.

2) Lord of rashi in which neech planet (debilitated Planet) is placed is in Kendra from moon or lagan for example if sun is deliberated in Libra, Then if Venus is in Kendra from moon or lagan.

3) Lord of the rashi in which the deliberated planet gets exalted, in the Kendra from moon or lagan. For example If sun is getting deliberated in Libra, then since sun gets exalted in Aries.
Therefore lord of Aries i.e. mars is in Kendra from the moon or lagan neech bhang occurs.

(Note: I have few reservations regarding the applicability of the above rule)

4) When the deliberated planet gets exalted in navamsa(D-9) or shatyamsa(D-60) in the Kendra(Quadrants), trikond(Trines), 2nd or 11th houses, neech bhang occurs.

5) When a planet (in strength) aspects its own rashi in which a planet is getting deliberated, neech bhang occurs for that planet.
For ex: moon is getting deliberated in Scorpio, aspected by mars (should be in strength).

(Note: I have few reservations regarding the applicability of the above rule too as I feel that in this case Neechbhang will not be complete)

6)When a deliberated planet gets a Vargottammi (planet occupies the same rashi in lagan and navamsa charts) position, neechbhang occurs., again this is will not be complete but yes planet does gain strength when happens to be Vargottammi.

7) Sometimes neechbhang Raj yoga occurs along with vipreet Raj Yoga , In these kind of cases yoga becomes extremely powerful.

For ex: – Mercury getting deliberated in 12th house being the lord of 6th house. Now if suppose Jupiter which is the lord of the 12th house gets exalted in 4th House (which is a quadrant) and obviously Jupiter is also aspecting mercury.

Now in this case mercury causing both vipreet Raj Yoga and neechbhang Raj Yoga, Hence this mercury becomes extremely powerful.

There are few other rare conditions of neechbhang Raj yoga which are hardly listed anywhere.

1) When there is a paraivartan yoga (Exchange) between two planets getting deliberated.

For example when the moon is placed in Scorpio and mars in cancer. Here you can see that both Moon and mars are getting debilitated but still in this case a kind of neech bhang is happening due to the exchange of rashi’s happening between them. The result can further improve if there is the more benefic influence on Moon and mars and also if both them are gaining adequate shad Bala.

So, here none of them will give a bad result.

2) When a deliberated planet simply goes in the paraivartan yog with its friend (naisargik and functional both).

For example deliberated Venus is getting in paraivartan (exchange) with its naisargik and functional friend mercury in Libra, Especially for Virgo, and Capricorn Ascendant.

3) When the lord of the rashi in which a planet is getting deliberated, also gets deliberated and the latter one receives neech bhang, then former one will also get a powerful neechbhang, but here the planet which is causing the Neech bhang of the 2nd planet should be really powerful( from the angle of shadbala).

This is termed as “chained neecha bhang Raj yog”

for example: – If the sun is placed in Libra and its rashi lord venus is also getting deliberated in Virgo and now If venus gets a Strong neech bhang then the sun will also get a neech bhang.(SEE the chart of Prince Charles)

Assume mercury is getting deliberated in Pieces, Pieces lord Jupiter is also getting deliberated in Capricorn now if Jupiter gets a strong neech bhang then mercury would also get a neech bhang.(SEE the chart of Sachin Tendulkar)


Do you think that all neecha bhang are of the same kind?

The answer is big no, some are more powerful and some are less, let’s understand why?

Take the example of venus and mercury placed in Virgo (neech bhang for venus) and in Pieces (neechbhang for mercury) or Jupiter mars in Capricorn and cancer (neech bang for Jupiter and mars respectively)

In all the of the above examples COMMON point is that neech bhang(if occurring)
would be occurring with the help of a friend.

(In the above cases, Both Venus and mercury are friends; also both Jupiter and mars are friends).

But if we look at the case of sun and Saturn (in Aries for sat and in Libra for sun),

[out of the these cases sun neechbhang would be more powerful as Saturn is a more malefic planet as compared to the sun and is also the inherent enemy of Sun.(“This is as per the rule, when more malefic planet is exalted and a comparatively less malefic planet is deliberated, neechbhang occurs in a more powerful way if they are in conjunction)

So let me take the case of sun and Saturn placed in Libra.(being more powerful), why is the Neechbhang of Sun in Libra is more powerful than in cases of Jupiter, Mars( and venus, mercury. ?

See, THEY BOTH (sun and Saturn) ARE enemy’s (Unlike the case of Jupiter & mars./..venus &mercury)…that is the reason why here neech bhang of sun would be much more powerful as compared to the neechbhang of venus, mercury, mars, Jupiter in similar Situation (exalted and deliberated planet in the same Rashi).


See, even our most dreaded enemy can contribute in our success greatly, indeed, in most of the times critics have a more daunting role to play in our success story. You all will agree on this.

This explains why Saturn despite being an enemy of sun, provide huge strength to the sun in the process of neechbhang.

Now way it happens?

Saturn is planet of hard work. persons who are Saturn dominated are extremely hard working, they also develop the quality of perseverance and patience due to the effect of Saturn, Saturn makes them stable in all the conditions and keeps them humble and down to earth. These people are truth driven and always look to help anyone in need.
Therefore when the sun gets deliberated and Saturn is placed with it native tends to counter the odds with sheer hard work which is actually the IDEAL way.

SO, this was all about the rules, now let’s come to the significance part.

Have you ever thought that why this yoga is so powerful?

Understand like this, there is a native who have all the qualities to become successful in life, right from hard work to intelligence to compassion to patients etc, but still due to some or the other unavoidable circumstance in life, he always gets tested. He again rises and again some person or circumstances pull him down and this process is happening, again and again, 100’s of time.
Despite all this, there is one streak in him due to which he just do not loses heart and always tries to get up again in life. You can say that it’s in his nature to always fight and fight. (Only a few have this kind of nature)
Now in the above process, this person is continuously getting sanctified just like gold achieves its highest purity at the highest temperatures and then we all know that even a “Dog has its Day”. The day his time gives him the flexibility to achieve, this person has developed the habit of extracting maximum out that single opportunity. Assume a volcano lava waiting for years and years to break the shackles of earth to come out with Bang bang, assume a rocket taking time in reaching that threshold level by burning tons and tons of fuel and as soon as it gets its escape velocity nothing could stop him to straightaway touch the universe within a matter of seconds, a plane which take off in a regular manner cannot achieve a height which a rocket CAN(just like a normal raja can give the native a sky but cannot dare to give the universe which a Neechbhang raj yoga can)



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