Neecha Bhanga Rajayogam or cancellation of debility of jupiter/guru

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Neechabhanga Rajayogam :

The signifying planet of divine grace and dharma is jupiter or guru.

Guru goes into debilitation, ie the sign of capricorn or makara, once in every 12 years.

when guru goes into debilitation if mars/kuja(the planet which gets exalted in makara/capricorn) or sani/saturn(the owner of the sign makara) chances to occupy a kendra/angle(1, 4, 7, 10 houses) from lagna/ascendant or chandra/moon, it becomes a rajayoga called chakravarthi yoga. (instead of guru, if any other planet goes into debilitation, similar rules can be applied).

chakravarthi yoga or neechabhanga rajayoga means, after a person gets a neecha/fall he rises into a position of prominence. 

if mars is the planet responsible, then it is physical activity(aggressive action) that will trigger his growth and if it is sani/saturn, it will be contemplation and politically correct decision making.

mars is activity while saturn is stillness. 

mars needs lot of disciplined physical exercising while saturn needs breathing discipline like pranayama.

Source: jyotishkrishna

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