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The numerology number one is the leader among all numbers. The Sun, the head of our solar family, governs this number. Those born under this number are profound and insightful individuals. They possess a strong sense of self-confidence. They can handle difficult tasks with ease and are perceived as strict by others. However, they also engage with others in a humane and compassionate manner. They do not judge or criticize others. They are individuals who take responsibility for their own problems and solve them. They believe that engaging in arguments with others diminishes respect.

Political or government-related professions and occupations are definitely suitable for them. If the numerology number one is well-placed, these individuals will shine as prominent figures in politics. However, they may be referred to as money-minded politicians. (These characteristics apply only to numerology and not to all individuals). If others become involved in politics, they will possess self-discipline and a strong desire for financial prosperity. They are highly ambitious when it comes to attaining power. Others may view them with envy if they succeed in politics.

They possess strong determination and exhibit noticeable behavior, which propels them towards leadership positions. They are individuals with enthusiasm, adaptability, and a strong sense of intuition. When faced with failure, they bounce back with renewed mental strength and without hesitation, they engage in new strategies. They take delight in investigating new information. They have a number that emphasizes the need to always strive for perfection. They invest their resources to gain a deep understanding of their clothing, accessories, and belongings. They do not hesitate to spend generously for their mental satisfaction. Numerology 5 – The secret of 5, 14, 23

They also aspire to contribute and communicate by promoting their assistance. They are born under the influence of Sun and Mercury, which enhances their communicative skills. They desire to engage in battles with opponents and achieve victory. They seek different paths to surpass their rivals. As a result, they constantly challenge the strategies of their competitors. Despite encountering various challenges, their good reputation and fame remain intact.

“He is my friend, he is my enemy,” they say without hiding anything. They possess intense anger and the quality of retaliating. If they are given an opportunity, they will retaliate in every possible way. Generally, they are not affected by envy and animosity. They are the ones who retaliate by considering things as good or bad. They have a higher level of perception (experience). This numerology number 1 also gives artistic talent and interest in literature. Mountains and long journeys greatly attract them.

They excel in any business, appreciate honesty, and uphold integrity. They won’t compromise their principles for the sake of profit. If necessary, they will give more importance to others than themselves. However, they won’t tolerate any injustice done by others. They will either support or reject others without any hesitation. They follow the path of righteousness and won’t engage in malicious activities. If an opponent comes and seeks forgiveness genuinely, they will immediately forgive and help them. They will assist them again.

Generally, marriage takes place later in their life. Even though they may face obstacles in matters of love, they need to observe and understand without getting carried away. They must support their spouse, spend time with them, and make them happy. In politics, they require a successful party, organization, or leadership. They are not aware of the tactics used to manipulate people. They work for the welfare of the general public with a true heart. They work for the welfare of the general public with a true heart. List of Yogas in Vedic Astrology

They perform actions that are not liked by the public and engage in activities that benefit the future well-being of the people. If the influence of the number 1 is reduced, the mentioned results will change. They will show interest in fields such as research, spirituality, and medicine. They prefer to think and act independently.

Physical Appearance

A tall stature, deep and serious gaze, and a prominent nose are present. Long fingers and a well-defined face are present. There are firm shoulders. There is confidence in walking. If they are women, they possess a moderate masculine appearance and qualities. They attract their husbands into their support. They elevate them on the right path. They show affection and can be tough. They have a good sense of leadership. There is eagerness in their eyes and a tendency to scrutinize. They have a strong determination. Headaches occur occasionally. Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 4

Fortunate Dates

In every month, the dates 1, 10, 19, and the date of the month combined with the month and year will bring fortunate days, especially the 28th. The dates 4, 13, 22, and 31 also bring many favorable outcomes. However, if we search further, we will find various results. The dates 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25, and 29 bring moderate positive outcomes.

Lucky Gemstones and Metals

Wearing gold jewelry and ornaments brings benefits for person born in numerology number 1.
Wearing a ruby, Topaz, or a Yellow Topaz brings great prosperity.

Fortunate Colors

Golden attire, Yellow, elegant shades of red and blue bring positive effects for person born in numerology number 1. It is advisable to avoid black and white colors and their variations.


Those born on dates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 are likely to be good companions and friends.


Those born on dates 3, 5, and 6 can consider marrying individuals born on the same dates. They can also consider individuals born on dates 4 and 8. It is advisable for females to avoid individuals with the numerology number 1. This is because when the number 1 (representing the Sun) becomes the ruling planet for the next person (female), it can lead to issues of authority and family conflicts.

Wedding Date

To get married, it is advisable to choose dates 1, 10, 19, 28, or 6, 15, 24, which have the numerology numbers 1 or 6. People born on these dates should consume honey, as it is highly beneficial for them. Consuming spinach regularly is also recommended. Spinach, when consumed continuously, helps regulate the bile in the body. It reduces the severity of illnesses. Natural remedies play a significant role in maintaining their health. Discover the Wonderful Meaning of Number 4 in Numerology

Inauspicious Dates

Dates such as 8, 17, 26, and numerology numbers that add up to 8 should be avoided for new endeavors. They may lead to failures. These individuals may face obstacles and challenges.

Indications of Health Issues

The Sun is a major factor in causing health issues for individuals with these numbers. They are often prone to fevers and increased Pitta (bile) in their bodies. Consequently, they may experience various blood-related disorders. They are susceptible to eye problems, particularly vision impairments. They may also suffer from frequent headaches. They tend to change eyeglass prescriptions frequently. Blood disorders, skin diseases, and rashes are also common.

Pitta-related diseases may occur. Therefore, they should consume a balanced diet with an emphasis on cooling foods. They should reduce the intake of spicy, hot, and pungent foods. Including cooling herbs such as coriander, fennel, and mint in their diet is recommended. Consuming ripe bananas, oranges, carrots, ginger, and barley regularly can be beneficial. As previously mentioned, consuming honey daily can contribute to overall well-being.

Significant Benefits of Number 1

Individuals born on the 1st (including those with Destiny Number 1) experience positive outcomes in career, politics, and social spheres. However, they may face some challenges within their family and marital life. Only a few individuals with this number (or those with a name that adds up to 1) enjoy a harmonious married life.

Most of them struggle to maintain stability, similar to a lotus leaf on water. Even with a loving spouse, there can be frequent disagreements. They may find it difficult to excel in fields related to business, despite their talents. They need to pay attention to matters of love. Hence, these individuals should only consider marriage with people born on favorable dates. Through this, they can undoubtedly experience joy. People born on this numerology number (Birth Number, Destiny Number) should avoid engaging in any activities on dates that total 4 or 8 (Date Number or Compound Number).

They should refrain from getting married, moving houses, starting new ventures, changing jobs, or seeking promotions on these dates. Starting a new shop, borrowing money, dealing with big transactions, interacting with influential people, initiating new businesses, or launching new schemes are also not advisable. They should avoid any actions that involve a significant change, debt, or high positions. Additionally, they should refrain from starting new ventures, seeking loans, involving in big deals (?), observing wealthy individuals, or engaging in land-related transactions.


They are generally ambitious and driven individuals. They are natural leaders who strive for positions of authority. They are powerful individuals who possess the ability to hire and command those beneath them. They are not followers in the workplace. They prefer to take action according to their own set of rules. They excel in government agencies, religious institutions, political organizations, public corporations, and managerial positions.

Those with reduced numerological strength tend to have a pessimistic outlook. They are highly capable individuals who run their own businesses. However, they may struggle with giving or receiving support. Their focus is on profit, rather than ethical or legal considerations. They are reluctant to give in or compromise in negotiations. They possess a mesmerizing power over others. This makes them excellent leaders and managers. Which planets cause obesity in women?

In business, they overcome obstacles and quickly adapt even in challenging situations. They excel in professions such as government contractors, renowned doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and visionary entrepreneurs. They are favored in fields of science, engineering, chemistry, and the justice system.

They find success in trades related to onions, herbs, pulses, sesame seeds, wheat, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, stationery, and herbal products, as well as businesses related to animal welfare and gold. By implementing strategic business and marketing techniques, they can achieve significant success in their ventures.

People Born on the 1st

They are generally individuals who follow their own desires. They have a tendency to be less inclined to follow others. With confidence and by associating with others, they can achieve great success in life. They possess strong self-confidence. They are destined for positions of authority and power.

People Born on the 10th Date

Due to a slight decrease in solar vitality, they tend to follow others and interact with love. They possess perseverance and good reasoning. They always achieve fame. They have mental strength and self-confidence. They may face occasional financial difficulties. It is important for them to develop the ability to manage money.

People Born on the 19th Date

They lead a highly fortunate life. They are determined and ambitious in their pursuits. They may encounter obstacles in their path. They have a strong desire to learn and explore various matters. They achieve success by lovingly supporting others and accomplishing their own tasks. They possess a natural inclination for leadership.

People Born on the 28th Date

They have a weak influence of the Sun. They may face frequent fluctuations in their financial status. They have a strong sense of integrity. By following others and associating with them affectionately, they gain respect and form close relationships with friends and relatives. Due to this, they may acquire property or receive inheritances later on. When 2 and 8 are combined, they tend to reduce arrogance and boastfulness, allowing them to avoid financial losses and troubles. By being cautious in financial matters with friends and relatives, they can attain many benefits.

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