Predicting foreign travel in Vedic Astrology

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Foreign travel in Vedic Astrology

The subject of foreign travel is the most sought after astrological advice these days. Since the issues of foreign travel and stay abroad are linked to big money earnings, everyone wants to know if he/she can go abroad and earn. Literally, the word ‘foreign’ means ‘something new’ and originally, traveling into new places into one’s own country or completely into a new country is considered as foreign travel. In the good olden days, the use of word ‘foreign travel’ was limited to convey distant travels in a country and was mostly referred to people moving from place to place very frequently. These days it literally meant travel to a new country crossing the seas. Astrologically speaking, the natal chart of a person reveals the presence/absence of planetary combinations / Yogas on foreign travel. In its stringent and practical meaning of foreign travel today, the following aspects should be considered to find out whether or not a person has the promise of foreign travel in his chart.

  1. 8th house
  2. 9th house
  3. 12th house
  4. 6th and 11th houses
  5. Rahu

8th house The eighth, ninth and twelfth houses strongly represent high seas, long distance travels and life away from home respectively. The eighth house represents water as in the case of fourth and twelfth houses. This analogy is drawn from the natural zodiac in which Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces stand for water.

As they are fourth, eighth and twelfth signs respectively in the natural zodiac, these houses in a natal chart also represent the same. In such a backdrop, why should only study the eighth house and not the other houses of water in relation to foreign travel? Certainly, 4th and 12th houses are also watery houses but foreign travel is crossing the high seas. In watery houses, 4th and 12th houses represent beginning and ending of seas but the 8th house, being the middle one, represents high seas. The study of 8th house, therefore, is appropriate for deciding the issue of foreign travel.

9th and 12th houses Ninth house stand for long distance travel among other things. A foreign travel involves the journey to long distance places. The twelfth house stands for life away from home and when a person goes abroad, he/she keeps away from home and leads a life at a long distance far away from the nearest family members. Examination of 9th and 12th houses is therefore quite appropriate in this regard.

Yoga for foreign travel 8th house, when it is under siege by natural malefic planets, produces the perfect foreign travel yoga. When malefic planets attack the 8th house with their influence, the qualities of the house assume a new dimension sending the native towards the seas and making him/her cross them over. Eighth house from Lagna in any natal chart personifies several bad qualities and with the influence of destructive planets, the house turns into a beneficial one for practical purposes, though it would also cause suffering when seen from the astrological angle. It is no coincidence that the ninth house appropriately represents the quality of long distance. Since the characteristics of crossing over high seas and long distance are astrologically lying side by side, as the astrologer has to see and combine both the qualities when the 8th house receives some bad influence. One may wonder how the malefic influence would make the native cross over the seas.

Astrologically speaking, this malefic influence would cause suffering only to the native as the 8th house stands for suffering. But the suffering would come at a place falling after the seas since the house also stands for mid-seas. In practice too, foreign travel is full of risks and irrespective of the revenues earned on foreign lands, those staying on alien lands/soils would naturally face a multitude of problems as we have been observing the day in and day out. They would have to stay there with a lot of hurdles and objections, hardships and struggle to face a completely alien and new atmosphere and culture. They would have to live there remembering their kith and kin. In the good olden days, this foreign travel was considered as a curse for people since they would leave their close relations behind them. But these days, despite the suffering experienced in foreign lands/countries, parents themselves have been sending their children to alien places to make quick money.

Involvement of 9th and 12th houses As already pointed out, ninth and twelfth houses stand for the aspects of long distance travel and life away from home respectively. When the lords of these two houses are in conjunction or in mutual aspect, a strong yoga for foreign travel occurs and such a person goes to foreign lands with out fail. This yoga arises when the 9th lord is in 12th house or 12th lord is in 9th house. It also takes place when the lords of these two houses are in mutual exchange of houses with 9th lord sitting in 12th house and 12th lord sitting in 9th house. 6th house 6th house represents enemies and enemies are considered foreigners / aliens. It is therefore appropriate to study 6th house and its lord to consider the aspect of foreignness. Again, 11th house is 6th to 6th and one must study the 11th house and its lord too to study the subject under consideration. Yoga for foreign travel emanates when the 6th / 11th house comes in contact with 8th house directly or indirectly. This happens when the lords of these two houses (lords of 6th or 11th and 8th) are sitting in one house or aspect each other mutually.

Yoga for foreign travel also takes place when there is an exchange of houses between these two lords. If similar yoga prevails with the involvement of lords of sixth / eleventh and ninth houses, the native may not necessarily travel to a foreign country. The native may also take up long distance travels in the country and come in contact with some new friends / cultures / events. But, a similar yoga with the involvement of the houses of 6th or 11th and 12th may also again result in a travel to another country, as 12th house represents seas. In this case also, an astrologer can only say that the native may visit foreign countries as it indicates long distance travels too in the same country. A native would surely take up travels to a foreign country if yoga of the above type occurs in a natal chart with the involvement of 8th and 12th houses as these houses represent high seas and life away from home respectively.

When does the travel take place? Foreign travel as explained above would generally take place during the sub/sub –periods of planets involved in the yogas. As astrologer must find out the planets involved in the yogas and suggest the appropriate planetary periods during which the foreign travel may take place. The purpose of the trips Foreign travel could be for the sake of pure pleasure at times and for business / employment/ educational purposes at times. If planet of pleasures–Venus – is mainly involved in the yoga, or if Venus strongly influences the yoga, it could be a pleasure trip. If Mercury / Sun strongly influences the yoga with the involvement of 10th house or 10th house lord, it could be for business purposes. If Mercury or one of its two signs Virgo/ Gemini is exclusively associated with the Yoga, the naïve would generally go abroad for the sake of studies. Same results would follow if the fifth house or its lord is associated with the yoga in any way. If the involvement of Saturn is heavy, it could be for the purpose of employment. Influence can be in shape of aspect or association or exchange of houses..

Settling down in a foreign country A natal chart should be carefully examined to find out whether one would stay abroad permanently or come back to his / her native country. If the yoga takes place with the heavy involvement of fixed signs, the native is likely to settle down abroad. If the yoga has the influence of movable signs, he / she is likely to return. If the influence is purely common signs, an astrologer has to find out the nature of planets involved in the yoga by ascertaining degrees of concerned planets. It must be noted down that the first 15 degrees in any common sign represents fixed nature and the second fifteen degrees represents movable nature. Involvement of Rahu Irrespective of the presence of above yogas in a natal chart, one is likely to come in contact with foreign elements/ activities / habits / cultures during the sub / sub-sub periods of Rahu. This may happen with the native undertaking long distance travels in his / her native country or inviting and meeting with people of far away places to his / her place. The native is bound to visit new / foreign places / countries if the shadow planet has any connection with the 8th / 9th / 12th house by association or aspect.


Examples: In the example chart 1, 9th 12th lords Mars and Saturn are in conjunction in Virgo causing a powerful foreign travel yoga for the purpose of education. This girl left for the USA in February 2001 during the Rahu-Saturn –Rahu period for education and is now on the verge of completing MS Chemical Technology. In the example chart 2, 8th house in Virgo contains Rahu with ninth lord Venus and 5th lord Mercury aspects it from Pisces. Because of this influence, the native left for USA in April 2000 during the influence of Mercury –Jupiter-Rahu and completed the Dental Surgeon course.

Article by J U B Sastry

Source: numeroguru


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