Punarpoo Dosha and It’s Impacts over Human Life

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“Punarphoo dosha” or “Vish Yoga” is a typical yoga that is created by the Moon and Saturn’s combination or in any manner their connection with each other namely stars, signs and aspects.

Any planetary combination or any two planets’ positions in two different signs / houses from each other creates a yoga. Sometimes yoga may become a dosha.

What are all the planetary positions that create this dosha?

  1. If the Moon and Saturn are placed in a same sign, this is 100% powerful to create the below given results in life.
  2. If the Moon and Saturn are in mutual exchange of signs with each other then the impacts are lesser than combined position.
  3. If Saturn and Moon are in mutual aspects with each other then this dosha impacts are lesser than mutual exchange.
  4. If the Moon is in Saturn’s star and Saturn is in the Moon’s star
  5. If the Moon aspects Saturn or Saturn aspects the Moon
  6. If the Moon’s star lord and Saturn’s star lord are one and the same planet; if that planet is in exaltation, debilitation or in own sign. Understanding of Vish Yoga or Punarphoo Dosha

Note: From point number (1) maximum to (6) minimum; the results will be in descending order.

Punarphoo Dosha Impacts

Punarphoo dosha brings multiple impacts in humans’ life; if not at least few significant effects will be possible.

  • Last minute (unexpected and sudden) positive or negative changes in a planned program or event. For example: It may be changing the bride or groom in a marriage, cancelling or postponing a travel plan, gaining or losing a job opportunity in a dramatic manner, in simple planning something; but happening unexpected some other thing will be experienced.
  • This dosha will bring unhappiness between relationships; however regarding career life, it will be much better satisfaction than relationship life.
  • People having this dosha will behave with others in 2 different ways depends up on the place they meet. They show a behavior while meeting relatives in their house and in some other places while meeting the same person their attitude will be different.
  • This dosha will favor with logical mind and calculative mentality even if the native is less educated.
  • People having this dosha will have extra ordinary special skills required to their job.
  • People having this dosha will find fault / blame on others! These people ignore the positive nature of others. Mars Transition to Capricorn March 2020
  • Communication errors / confusions / misunderstanding in between people. For example: it may be about meeting time, place, people or about amount of money to give or receive
  • For any important goals the native will face unusual delay or great obstacles for taking efforts or even after efforts no progress towards result. For example: Delay or obstacle for marriage or getting birth of a child.
  • Naïve face challenging work pressure build up multiple times or leading to impossible targets.
  • Troubles in native’s health likely, preferably digestive, gastric or breathing troubles.
  • Irritation develops frequently / lose of patience.
  • More desires will bring more troubles; reducing desires on a particular matter is advised to escape from this dosha.
  • Mental stress about life situation, worries related to Mother, frequent troubles in job situation, trouble though Mother-in-law are the problems faced by the people having this dosha.
  • People who have Saturn + Moon combine of planets want to do own business; they don’t like to work as a subordinate to others.
  • Natives having this dosha will like natural energy foods.
  • Students of this dosha will be interested in technical education.
  • This dosha will lead one to incline towards mechanical, electronics, iron & steel, agricultural, provision stores or archeological department related profession.

Those who have punarphoo dosha in their birth charts, will experience the above said results in their life during the Moon’s or Saturn’s major or minor or sub-minor planetary periods than during other planetary periods. Manglik Dosha | Kuja Dosha Effects and Remedies

In transit when the Moon and Saturn are connected with any manner (by sign, star, aspect or conjunction) with each other the above mentioned results will be likely to happen.

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Reason for these impacts:

Normally Moon takes 2 ¼ days to transit in a sign and to cross over the same; But Saturn takes 2 ½ years to transit in a sign. When these fastest and slowest moving planets have combinations or connections with each other pushing forward or pulling backward situations are created. So either fast happenings and positive results or mostly slow or delayed results are happening.

All the above said positive or negative results are likely to be changed or modified by the other planetary aspects or association. Moreover houses the Moon and Saturn are placed and the planetary periods also likely to change the impacts of punarphoo dosha.

The Sun’s aspect with Saturn will bring misunderstanding between father and son. If conjunction takes place then someone in the family or the native may fall sick. This is by the combustive effects of the Sun.

Mars’s aspect or conjunction with the Moon or Saturn will make the native to work very hard to get success in career and in personal life. Chances of mishaps may be likely; so cautiousness is essential. (Remember that Mars get debilitation in Moon’s sign Cancer and Saturn gets debilitation in Mars’s sign Aries).

Mercury’s conjunction with punarphoo dosha planets will lead to cheat by someone in some ways in life. (This result is caused because from Saturn’s Capricorn – Mercury’s Gemini; from Mercury’s Virgo – Saturn’s Aquarius falls in 6th & 8th houses from each other). However as a Subha Graha Mercury’s aspect to Saturn is favorable to stimulate positive results. Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter’s aspect or conjunction with the Moon or Saturn will modify the negative results to highly positive favors. Therefore the native will achieve good results in life.

Venus’s aspect or conjunction with the Moon and Saturn will favor good income from profession with minimum efforts. (Both the Moon and Saturn are getting exaltation in Venus’s signs Taurus and Libra; this is the reason for the positive results by the connection of Venus with these planets).

Rahu / Ketu’s trine, quadrant or conjunction will increase the negative results mentioned above.

If this dosha is linked with 6th, 8th or 12th house in the birth chart then failure in own business will be likely. So they should prefer to work rather than doing own business.

Remedies :

Donating curd rice to devotees on Mondays in a Female Goddess (any Amman) Temple; Or on Saturdays in Lord Hanuman temple. Both should be done after sunset in the evening. Reason: Moon is night planet; Saturn is dark planet. People having this dosha should NEVER lose their self-confidence and HOPE for positive results. This is the MOTIVATION for them to OVERCOME the negative results!

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