Rahu and Cancer disease

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Today we will discuss some interesting facts about Rahu. Though he is a shadowy planet but is too much effective in the universe. He follows each and everyone like a shadow.

Rahu and Ketu has more control over night. Rahu is more attached to Venus and Ketu is more attached to Saturn.

Venus and Rahu jointly rules night between Sunset to Mid night. Saturn and Ketu jointly rules night between Mid night to Sunrise. So sunset to midnight is Rahu zone and midnight to Sunrise is Ketu zone.

Also 14 January to 14 July ( Uttarayan ) is controlled by Ketu and from 14 July to 14 January ( Daxinayan ) is controlled by Rahu.

All the Virus, all the Bacteria’s and Mosquitoes are born and spread during this Rahu zone. I had seen One research episode on Discovery channel before couple of years. There was a study by Scientists on the growth of Mosquitoes, various Virus and Bacteria’s in Laboratory. It was found that Growth of Bacteria’s was at higher level at Sunset time. Second reaerch was maximum Bacteria’s and Virus were developed between July to November every year. Blessings and Curse of Past Karmas (Rahu – Ketu)

Note that above period is a चातुर्मास period in India and more Worship and fasts are insisted by Rishis in these 4 months. Also this Daxinayan is Rahu Zone when Sun approching Yama loka and going to Libra and getting debilitation there. This is the time when life energy (प्राण तत्त्व) is at the lowest level in the Universe so Rahu is more active.

It was also found that maximum Bacteria growth was found in the end of June and end of October. ( Note that from 21 June to 3rd July Sun transits through Ardra Nakshatra, the star of Rahu and from 20 October to 2nd November Sun transits through Swati Nakshatra, the star of Rahu again.) Jain people stops eating mangoes when Sun enters Ardra. Effects of Sub-periods or antardashas of all planets under Rahu mahadasha

So all the Mosquitoes, Bactarias and Virus are controlled by Rahu alone. Ardra Swati and Shatabhisha are the seats of Virus and Bacterias and Cancer.

Vedic Yogas

COVID active in the world

COVID was most active in the world, when Sun was in Rahu star or with Rahu in transit.

Virus Bacterias and Mosquitoes are controlled when Sun is in Uttarayan, Ketu Zone between 14 January to 14 July. March April is the period when Sun transits Pisces and Aries towards Exaltation so life energy remains at highest level in these 2 months which is also known as VASANT days in India.

यत पिंडे तत ब्रह्माण्डे … The same thing happens in our Body too. Maximum Bacteria and Virus developes in our body within above Rahu Zone period in चातुर्मास so various diseases like Flue, Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Cholera, Eye conjunctivitis, Stomuch upsets and Diarrhoea etc are spread in the Society in this Rahu zone. Cancer development also happens in Rahu zone.

Rahu is the main cause of Cancer and Rahu creates abnormal growth of dead tissues and develops tumor. Rahu has control over all glands of the body. Also Rahu controls tobacco alcohol and all narcotic drugs.

We will discuss in details that what combinations in the birth chart create Cancer and who are vulnerable and likely to be victim of Cancer and when cancer is likely to detect in next post.

We all know very well that 6th 8th and 12th houses are malefic or bad houses in our chart. Amongst these three, 8th house contains 100% negative energy, 12th house contains 75% negative energy whereas 6th house has 50% negative energy and 50% positive energy. 8th and 12th houses are ruled by Saturn only whereas 6th house is jointly ruled by Mars and Saturn.

For example sickness, depression, doubts, defeat, sorrow, frustration is the role of Saturn for 6th house whereas joy, recovery, trust, victory, winning spirit, success is the role of Mars for 6th house. Both planets are ruling 6th house but result depends upon the Lagna.

Now let us understand the role of Rahu in Cancer disease. Rahu is a negative planet and if Rahu joins the lord of 8th or 12th house ( and in some cases lord of 6th house ) Rahu amplifies the negative energy in the body when he is active by Dasha or Transit.

Rahu has waxing or growing effect and so he is connected with growth and Ketu has waning effect so connected with shrinkage or contraction.

Cancer is nothing but growth of dead cells or tissues. The same way Rahu in 8th and 12th also amplifies his negative energy there.

So to develop Cancer the mandatary CONDITION is that Rahu MUST be in the 8th or 12th house or Rahu MUST be with the LORD of 8th or 12th house. If Rahu is in 6th or with the lord of 6th house, chances to defeat the Cancer and to recover fast are more powerful. I have studied around 30 cases of Cancer and came to the above conclusion.

What are the body parts that may be victim of Cancer ? The parts that are connected with the Sign where Rahu is seated with the lord of 8th or 12th house or the Sign placed in 8th or 12th house whose lord is with Rahu.

Rahu or Ketu in Navamsha

Sometimes the Sign where Rahu or Ketu is seated in Navamsha is also indicates the body parts.

We know that Gemini Libra and Aquarius are the Signs where Rahu stars Ardra Swati and Shatabhisha are there. So any of these 3 Signs is either in 8th or 12th house and Rahu is with malefic planet then also chances of Cancer are fifty fifty.

These means Cancer lagna, Scorpio lagna and Pisces lagna natives are more vulnerable to Cancer if Rahu has negative connection in the chart.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Body parts connected with each Sign

Now let us have a look on our body parts connected with each Sign

  1. Aries ( Head and Brain )
  2. Taurus ( Eyes Nose Sinus Throat Tongue Lips Ears and all internal parts of the face )
  3. Gemini ( Trachea Esophagus Upper respiratory tract Upper lungs Shoulders Arms Hands Ribs and all glands and tubes in the body
  4. Cancer ( Liver Pancreas Gall bladder Heart Lower respiratory tract Lower lungs Blood and Breast )
  5. Leo ( Artery Stomach Duodenal portion Spleen Spine T1 to T12 vertebra )
  6. Virgo ( Intestine and colon L1 to L 5 vertebras )
  7. Libra ( Kidneys Ureter S1 to S5 Vertebras )
  8. Scorpio ( Genital organs or private parts Anus Bladder Urethra Testicles Prostate Gland and Coccyx )
  9. Sagittarius ( Sciatic nerves Buttocks Thighs and internal parts therein )
  10. Capricorn ( Knee and joint muscles with knee )
  11. Aquarius ( Legs Calves and Tibia )
  12. Pisces ( Ankle and Feet )

This is just a rough idea about the body parts. Some body parts are jointly ruled by two Signs. For example, upper Heart or left right chambers of Atrium are ruled by Cancer Sign and lower heart or Left right chambers of Ventricle are under the jurisdiction of Leo Sign. All valves are also under Leo.

We discussed about the parts of one’s body likely to be affected by Cancerous growth if Cancer disease is destined in the birth chart.

Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Saturn | Sani mahadasha (Vimshottari)

When Cancer will attack the person?

Today we will discuss that if Cancer is destined then when Cancer will attack the person. For that we shall have to focus the Naxatras or Stars.

Each Star or Naxatras has Rahu zone. Out of 27 Naxatras 24 Naxatras have small Rahu zone and 3 Naxatras have big Rahu zone. These 3 Naxatras are Ardra, Swati and Shatabhisha. These 3 Naxatras are the seats of Cancer or we can say, these Naxatras have inbuilt seeds of Cancer disease.

Moon is the journey of our life and Moon’s progress through various Naxatras starting from the birth naxatra unfold the events in the life. During this journey, Moon crosses small and big Rahu zone.

Moon’s progress thru Naxatras is called Mahadasha and Antardasha. When Moon passes thru Ardra Swati or Swati we call it Rahu mahadasha. When Moon passes thru small Rahu zone in other Naxatras we call it Rahu antardasha. Effects of the Antardashas in the Mahdasha of Mercury (Vimshottari)

So in other words Rahu dasha antardasha is nothing but Moon’s journey thru Rahu zone. Moon is our astral body so he is the conductor of positivity or negativity of the Naxatras to our physical body.

We discussed that 8th and 12th house contain full negativity and Saturn is the only ruler of these two Signs so Rahu part in Saturn Naxatra or Saturn part in Rahu Naxatra is a dangerous zone to develop various Virus, bacteria and Cancer like growth. Since Saturn is the planet of the death and pain, Rahu gets maximum support of Saturn to amplify his malefic effects.

It is noticed that Cancer is detected in RAHU mahadasha – SATURN antardasha ( or ) SATURN mahadasha – RAHU antardasha if the conditions given in my past articles are present in the birth charts.

Kadam Chandran Articles

Let us see two examples in details

Sagittarius Lagna with Moon, the lord of 8th in 12th with Rahu. Breast Cancer detected when Rahu mahadasha Saturn antardasha was on. Cancer Sign in 8th house and lord of 8th Moon is with Rahu. Cancer Sign shows Breast.

Aquarius Lagna with Moon Mars Rahu in 8th house Virgo. Moon, the 6th lord joined with Mars ( Red Blood cells ) in 8th. Rahu also connected with this combination in 8th. Cancer Sign also denotes Blood. This lady was detected with Blood Cancer and died in the same period when she was running Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu antardasha. Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 – 2020 Report Cancer Sign

Out of 30 cases I analyzed, 23 cases had either Rahu mahadasha Saturn antardasha or Saturn Mahadasha Rahu antardasha. 2 Cases Rahu antardasha but not Saturn mahadasha. Only 5 cases not either in Rahu mahadasha nor Rahu antardasha but TRANSIT of Rahu created Cancer. Though in all 30 cases the conditions discussed in last article were present.

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