Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 to 2022 – Sagittarius Sign

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According to the Vakiya Panchangam, Rahu transit to Taurus and Ketu  transit to Scorpio on September 1st, 2020.

According to the Thirukanitha Panchangam, Rahu transit to Taurus and Ketu  transit to Sagittarius on September 23rd, 2020.

During this transit, Lord Rahu transit from Gemini to Taurus and Lord Ketu transit from Sagittarius to Scorpio.

Rahu Ketu Bhagavan, who can travel in one zodiac sign for a year and a half, will travel in the zodiac sign of Taurus and Sagittarius respectively until the 7th May 2022.

Rahu is transiting to 6th house (debts, diseases, enemies & fear) for your sign Sagittarius.

Effect of Rahu transit 2020 – Sagittarius Sign

  • Successes in everything.
  • All your enemies will fade away.
  • Health problems will be cured.
  • New foreign employment opportunities will be created.
  • You will get help from other religion people.
  • Debt problems will be solved and new loans will be available.
  • Foreign orders are available. Career opportunities will increase.

Ketu is transiting to 12th house for Sagittarius sign which represents loss, poverty & bad expenditure.

Vedic Yogas

Effect of Ketu transit 2020 – Sagittarius Sign

  • Foreign jobs will come in search of.
  • Period of working without rest. Time to work tirelessly.
  • There will be a long journey away from the family.
  • Health needs attention. Period of rest required at the right time.
  • Opportunities to go on a long-distance pilgrimage will come.
  • You will get contacts from new saints.
  • The problems that have been going on for a long time will be solved.
  • The period of encountering losses in the native.
  • It is better not to interfere with issues related to women.
  • Hospital expenses are likely to occur.

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