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Today I will disclose one more research about Rahu. We know that Rahu is directly connected with our soul journey from birth to birth and also our dynasty. Rahu keeps our dynasty continue and controls our own birth channel too. Jupiter creates the pregnancy but Rahu decides the time frame more accurately.

Rahu decides the time of conception and delivery. I have done too much research on this subject over various couple charts.

Rahu and Ketu also releases the result of blessing and curses we got in our past births. So Rahu Ketu sometime creates blockage and stops pregnancy. That is the reason that certain puja for Rahu Ketu removes the blockage and gives pregnancy.

Time of Delivery and Conception

Today we will discuss on the time of delivery and thereby conception. This will help to decide the time of IVF or natural pregnancy.

Note the degree of Lagna. Note the degree of lord of Lagna. Note the degree of 5th lord and also the Jupiter the natural ruler of 5th house.

I have seen that in 75% of the cases Rahu follows the degree of 5th lord. Then after 10% cases Lagna degree and 10% cases lord of Lagna degree. In some rare cases Jupiter degree too. (We have to watch the degrees of Husband chart only. )

Planning for Conception?

After marriage when you are planning for conception Rahu will handle the case. Watch the degree of transit Rahu after 9 months. When Rahu will reach the degree of 5th lord in most cases or Lagna degree or lord of Lagna degree (whichever is applicable) delivery of a child is expected in that month. By deciding the delivery time you can know the conception time before 9 months.

Suppose your 5th lord is 4 degree anywhere in the chart. Now after 9 months, if Rahu touches 4 degree delivery is expected. Forget about Rashi. ( For example, Rahu is in Gemini 20 degree today. He will reach 4 degree around 10 July 2020 so child is expected around 10 July 2020 in your case. So you must plan child around 10 October 2019 ) In past I have given exact pregnancy time frame by using such unique rules.

Saturn Transit 2020

Some Example Pregnanct Time frame

Example 1

Lagna Capricorn 6°
Lagna lord Saturn Leo 11°

Lord of 5th Venus Capricorn 5°

1st Son Rahu Capricorn 5°
2nd Son Rahu Scorpio 11°
3rd Son Rahu Libra 11°

Example 2

Lagna Libra 2°
Lord of Lagna Venus Gemini 9°

Lord of 5th Saturn Taurus 14°

Son Rahu Virgo 14°
Daughter Rahu Gemini 9°

Example 3

Lagna Leo 15°

Lord of 5th Jupiter Pisces 2°

Daughter Rahu Gemini 2°
Son Rahu Aquarius 3°

Example 4

Lagna Capricorn 7°

Lagna lord Saturn Cancer 18°

Daughter Rahu Sagittarius 18°

Rajiv Gandhi
Lagna Leo 11°

Lord of 5th Jupiter Leo 12°

Rahul Gandhi Rahu Aquarius 12°
Priyanka Rahu Capricorn 12°

Jawaharlal Nehru
Lagna Cancer 27°

Lord of 5th Mars Virgo 10°

Indira ji Rahu Sagittarius 10°

Amitabh Bachchan
Lagna Aquarius 21°
Lord of 5th Mercury Virgo 23°

Jupiter Cancer 0°

Abhishek Rahu Libra 23°
Shweta Rahu Sagittarius 0°

These are some examples to elaborate the principle in details. I have checked so many couple charts but this rule is working only in male charts.

Rahu continues the Dynasty and this may be the reason that Rahu follows the lord of 5th house mostly.

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