Raja Yoga Astrology – Part 2

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Raja Yoga  Astrology 

Raja Yoga  Astrology  : Venus and Jupiter are in Pisces. Aries is rising with the Sun in it, the Moon is in Libra and Saturn is exalted there. Mars placed in Cancer aspects the Moon (This is in view of the phrase Teevravilochana Mars Is strong in his 4th glance).
The reader should see for himself that in the above combination, Venus, the Sun
and Saturn are exalted Jupiter is In his own sign.

The Sun, Mars and Saturn are in Kendra. Saturn has got full Digbala. Mars thougn devoid of Digbala has got Neechabhanga Raja Yoga, as per verses 27 to 30 of this Chapter with the above combination, the lord of Ascendant with Neechabhanga Raja Yoga through the
Moon definitely confers kingship on the native.

Neechabhanga Raja Yoga
Neechabhanga Raja Yoga

However, according to the interpretation of the well known author and
commentator Pt. Gopesh Kumar Qjha, the disposition of planets should be as under
:— Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are in Pisces. The Moon is full and is placed in
Taurus in her sign of exaltation. The Sun is aspected by Mars and the Lagna is
identical with Aries.

The Sun has to be in Scorpio for the Moon to be full and Mars has been in
Taurus or Leo to be able to aspect the Sun. We feel that Shri Ojha’s interpretation is
not correct as the combination formed according to it is not strong enough to form
a Raja Yoga and confer kingship on the native.

16. (a) The birth be at night (b) the Moon be in Cancer identical with 10th
house, (c) benefics being in depression or inimical signs be posited in the 3, 6, 11
houses or be in deep exaltation or be all posited in kendras uneclipsed. When the
native has such a disposition of planets at birth, he becomes, a great king ruling the
three worlds under one umbrella.

17. If the full Moon be in Vargottamamsa, the person born becomes a
powerful King of the Earth and is highly renowned. He will possess an army with
horses, the dust raised by whose hoofs overshadows the light of the Sun and it
resembles that of the Moon in the morning.

18. Should Jupiter and the Moon be in kendra aspected by Venus with no
planet in his sign of debilitation, the person born becomes king with unequalled

19. If at birth the Moon be in a watery sign and Navamsa identical with
Lagna and also be in his own or benefic Varga, with no malefics in Kendra. the
native becomes a King owning many elephants.

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