Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan – 5th August – Inauspicious Date ?

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On 5 August 2019, the Government of India revoked the special status, granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.

The same date has been fixed for Bhoomi pujan of Shri Rama temple in Ayodhya. I don’t know why ? Much arguments we see on News Channels for this date. Some say it is best day and some don’t agree. What is the reality ? Let us discuss this issue on astrology platform and know what this ‘Muhurta’ chart has stored within.

The time is fixed around 12.15 on 5 August 2020.

Libra Lagna with Pisces Navamsha is rising in the sky at Ayodhya that moment.

Plus point is Sun is in 10th in Cancer sign and in Sagittarius Navamsha.

Venus the Lagna lord is in the 9th house in aspect of Jupiter.

Saturn the auspicious planet in Libra Lagna is strong in 4th house and aspecting the Lagna where his exalted sign is there.

Jupiter the planet of God and divine force is in sextile to Neptune, the divine and mysterious planet.

This positive points assures that the temple will be constructed in scheduled time frame and also it will be a divine temple for the future years to come.

Retrograde Jupiter

Negative points are as under. Jupiter is the planet of religion and temple and now he is retrograde and moving towards Ketu, the planet of obstacles and also connected with terrorists.

Moon the planet of faith, trust, devotion and also the lord of 10th house is hemmed between Saturn and Mars. This is too much negative point for the peace of country and smooth construction progress of the temple.

Vedic Yogas

Since our Prime Minister is laying the stone and doing Bhoomi pujan he himself will be affected. This Moon will be in the 4th house of Modi ji will create big challenges for him. Also some deaths of big personalities due to Sun Saturn opposition in 4th and 10th.

War or Natural Calamity

Venus the Lagna lord is in close conjunction of Rahu so this temple may be on the target of terrorist in future since Mars also supporting Rahu by his 4th aspect. Also this Mars Rahu square suggests war like situations and natural calamity within few months after this event.

Lord of 7th house is Mars who is gone to 6th house so this will create disputes between trustees within a short time and this is for sure.

Anyways this is just my observation on this chart. I don’t know exactly who has decided this date but I always believe in destiny so this date is also decided by the Destiny. In temple construction chart Moon must have blessings of Jupiter and Moon must be strong and not sandwich between malefic planets at least.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Let us pray Shri Rama to bestow his blessings on this pious occasion.

I was the first person to predict on Facebook in June 2018 that Supreme court will give its final judgment only after 5 November 2019 and this temple will be constructed in 2020 only. This has come true.

Of course the date predicted by me for Bhoomi pujan was 30 January 2020 but due to this COVID19 from December 2019, the construction ‘Muhurta’ was delayed.

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