Role of Plant Saturn in Occupation

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The whole network in the world is connected with Saturn. Saturn is the infrastructure of all the business.

No factory, no company, no institute is without Saturn. Saturn always remains in foundation.

The Finance and Economy of world is Saturn’s portfolio. Saturn is the WORKING POWER, the STRENGTH so the planet who joins Saturn takes the benefit of Saturn.

Saturn Sun Connection

Sun is Govt. So Sun when joins Saturn in the birth chart takes one either to Politics or in Govt sector or in administration or in Media and Publication

Saturn Moon Connection

Moon is Water. Moon is Oil . Moon is Speed. So Moon when joins Saturn takes one either to Oil industries or Petrochemicals or Ice factory or AC like cooling plants, Cold storage, Shipping companies, Automobile industries etc. If Saturn and Moon both Strong then Finance line and makes one Chartered Accountant.

Saturn Mars Connection

Mars when joins Saturn takes one to Building construction or Building materials business, Mechanical fields, Pharmaceutical industries and like

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Saturn Mercury Connection

Saturn Mercury relation also takes one in Banking and Finance business, Insurance, paper Industries, Packing materials and like

Saturn Jupiter Connection

Saturn with Jupiter takes one to Education field, Law sector, Religious activities and like

Saturn Venus Connection

Saturn Venus takes one to Share and Stock market, Finance business, Diamond and jewelry business, Farming, Agriculture and Edible oil market .

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Saturn Rahu Connection

Saturn with Rahu in leather industry, Footwear, Scrap business and if negative then drugs, liquors and unlawful activities .

The connection of Saturn with other planets is important for occupations

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