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Ruling Sign of INDIA: The ruling sign of India is Makara. The sign lord of Makara is Saturn. Mars is exalted and Jupiter is debilitated in Makara. The lord of Makara is exalted in Thula .and debilitated in Mesha. Mesha is the ruling sign for United Kingdom, and Thula is the ruling sign for Newzealand and Fiji. The vast majority of Indian’s are economically poor because the sign lord of India is Saturn.
Saturn is the significator for poorness, slavery, employment, fatalistic, philosophy, scarcity, sluggishness, melancholy. The very high influence of Saturn can be found in India.
India has never invaded any other country so far. But India has been invaded several times by several other countries. The foreigners have ruled India hundreds of years. Mars is exalted in the ruling sign (makara) of India. Mars is the lord of Mesha. Mesha is the ruling sign for United Kingdom. Therefore they have ruled India for long time. Since Saturn is debilitated in Mesha, Indians were enslaved by Britishers. If Indian goes to UK, they will not get their due respect. They will be considered as laborer only.
Since Jupiter is debilitated in Makara, India can enslave only spiritually inclined nations. The god and godly persons will serve India. India can enslave even god. India can get the due respect in the countries signified by Thula rasi which is the exaltation sign for Saturn.


By Siddhayogi Sivadasanravi

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