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Analysing Kanchi Seer Chart

In the previous lesson, you have learnt about the effect of Ketu when it is associated with a planet in dignity in a good house. Now, in this lesson, you will learn about the effect of Ketu when it is associated with a planet in dignity in a malefic house.

The chart in this case belongs to Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Sankara Acharya Jayendra Saraswathi who was arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police in Andhra Pradesh on the night of Nov 11, 2004. See the chart below.

Navamsa Chart of Sri Sri Sri Jayandra Saraswathi Swamiji
Natal Chart of Kanchi Seer Sri Sri Sri Jayandra Saraswathi Swamiji

So, you will learn in this lesson, how Ketu played havoc with his life due to its association with Mercury in own sign in sixth house, a malefic one. You will also learn about the Yogas that would make a person a SANYASI.

Kanchi Sankaracharya, His Holiness Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamiji has an extraordinary horoscope. His Rasi chart contains a perfect Sanyasi yoga. It shows in irrevocable terms that he is a born sanyasi and cannot even entertain criminal thoughts, let alone scheme a murder plot ,as alleged by the Tamilnadu police.

For any person to become a true sanyasi, his second house (family life and wealth) and its lord should receive, by association or aspect, seperative influence from naturally seperative planets Sun or Saturn or Rahu or lord of the twelfth house who functionally becomes seperative. The yoga denotes that such a native would be separated from his family and family wealth.

As a supporting measure, fourth house (domestic happiness ) and twelfth house (bed comforts ) should be heavily afflicted showing that he can’t have normal domestic happiness and bed comforts. Twelfth house affliction additionally highlights the person to be a wanderer, a formal quality of a sanyasi.

In the Swamiji’s Rasi chart, the yoga is complete and perfect. Second house and its lord Saturn, through aspect , are receiving the seperative influence from Jupiter , lord of the twelfth house. Fourth house is under the influence of Rahu through fifth aspect and of Saturn through third aspect. Fourth lord Mars too is associated with the twelfth lord Jupiter clearly showing that the native would generally be off normal domestic happiness because of the heavy seperative influence. Twelfth house too is heavily afflicted with the presence of Rahu and the aspect of Mercury ,lord of the sixth house confirming his wandering nature and inability to have bed comforts thereby strengthening the Sanyasi yoga by leaps and bounds.
Not a fake sanyasi

There is enough proof in the horoscope of the Swamiji to say that he is not a fake sanyasi but a true one in body and soul as well. The most benific planet and the signifier of divine grace, Jupiter is throwing its powerful influence on the lagna lord Saturn by fifth aspect, on the signifier of the mind Moon by fifth aspect again, on the origin of the mind fourth house by seventh aspect and on the signifier of intelligence Mercury by ninth aspect consolidating the sanyasi yoga and establishing that he is totally a Satvik personality and cannot even think of harming other living beings, let alone plot to eliminate them physically.
Ketu responsible for the mischief

The Swamiji has been passing through the Mercury –Saturn period since Janury 21,2004 and on the day he was taken into custody began his sub –sub period of Ketu which would last up to January 8, 2005.

Basic Parasara principles say that ninth ,fifth, eleventh and second houses are the best places and eighth, sixth and twelfth houses are the worst places in order of priority for both Rahu and Ketu. The shadow planets first produce the results of the planets with which they are associated and later the results of the planets aspecting them.

Planet of duplicity Mercury ,lord of the sixth and ninth houses, would mostly result in the affairs of the sixth house as it is situated in that particular one. It’s association with Ketu further enhances its nature of hypocrisy and sudden developments. As sixth house represents alien elements and enmity, Mercury becomes the embodiment of these qualities .Ketu here acts first as the agent of Mercury and then as the agent of Jupiter which is aspecting it .

Ketu , a natural malefic shadowy planet becomes functionally more malefic here because of its presence in sixth house. It is generally known for giving sudden developments too. Here , acting at the behest of Mercury and waiting for the opportunity to play the mischief ,Ketu brought about the arrest of the Swamiji when its sub- sub period began on 11-11-2004.
Ketu plays the savior role too

Now Ketu should produce the results of the Jupiter too which is aspecting it. Ketu ‘s sub-sub period ends on January 8,2005.Before its period comes to an end, Ketu should also act as an agent of Jupiter and absolve the Swamiji of all the charges framed against him.
Confirmation from Navamsa

The Navamsa chart shows five planets in Vargottama status in addition to the lagna falling in the Saturn sign again. This indicates that majority of the planets are well disposed and that it is only a matter of time before the Swamiji is absolved of the framed up charges.

(This article, written by J U B Sastry, was published in the January 2005 issue of Express Star Teller )


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