Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn and Employment Problems

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Saturn is the planet of employees. Saturn is the planet of workers . Saturn is the planet of labors. Saturn is the planet of Jobs. Saturn is the planet of regular attendance and salary. SATURN IS A COMMON MAN.

Ketu is the planet of termination and blockage. Ketu stops the progress of the planet by joining him. Rahu opens the door whereas Ketu closes the door.

Planetary Position of India 2020

See the situation in India now. Saturn, the Job creator and Jupiter, the planet of Finance, both are sandwich between Ketu and Mars like malefic planets and Jupiter is debilitated.

Factories and industries are reducing the staff and make them jobless. Plastic factories are totally on ventilation. Automobile sector also has decided to reduce staff. Big construction companies are upset for their new projects. Multinational companies also reducing staff and reducing salaries also.

Textile industries, Diamond industries, Food sectors all are in depression now. The future of market does not seem to be encouraging due to negative planetary influence. And this happened due to Saturn’s opposition to Moon, Venus, Mercury and Sun like important planets in the Independence chart.

Crisis increases in Indian economy after May

Money crisis is increasing in the market. Everybody is affected badly due to Corona Virus.

I foresee job problems will be increased and employees shall have to work hard with fix salary in coming days. Hire and Fire policies will be there.

From 1st May 2020 when Mars will oppose natal Sun of Independence chart and Sun will square to Saturn, the position will be worsened and Govt will take some more hard decisions around this date and that will affect the Govt staff too and they too will be in tensions. VRS packages will be there.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Some private employees may lose their job or their salaries may be reduced. Reserve bank of India also may take some steps to control big withdrawal from banks.

I don’t know what exact will happen actually but I smell some negative vibrations from planets around either 1st May 2020 or 21 June 2020 when Sun will join Rahu.

May God save all of us and our India !!!

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