Saturn Transit 2020 to 2023 for Gemini (Sani Peyarchi Palan 2020 for Mithuna Rasi)

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Saturn’s transit effects for Gemini Sign

Mental and Physical Health: 

The transit of Saturn in the 8th and 9th position will mostly bring positivity in the lives of Geminians. However, you have to take extra care of your mother’s health. Emotionally, there can be a feeling that others are not as supportive. There can be delays or difficulties in general when it comes to getting what you want or need from others.

Wealth and Finance:

It’s a strong time for handling financial matters, especially debts and taxes, in a logical and realistic manner. These are unlikely to be drastic changes, but rather more along the lines of slow but sure progress, little by little. New investments will also be beneficial.

Saturn rules the sector of your horoscope that rules intimacy, sharing, and shared finances, or money and property that comes from a source other than your own personal income. There may be tests of sorts in these areas of life while Saturn transits its own area. Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen.

You may feel some tightness to your financial and intimate worlds during this cycle. You may be dealing with fears of surrendering yourself, emotionally or financially, to others. Support from others may not be as forthcoming as it has been in the past. Your partner’s income may be reduced, or another form of financial support may be taken away or decreased during this period. This requires you to assume more independence in terms of making a living.

Career and Profession:

You would be entangled hugely in your profession; I would suggest you to balance your work-life properly for prosperity and happiness. Any legal cases troubling you for long will be settled. You’re challenged to tidy up those things you share with others (money, resources, power) as well as matters of dependence and intimacy. This is a time to tackle fears of losing control.

Some new venture or expansions are expected in your business especially in partnership. You should be ready to shoulder some unexpected new responsibilities in your work place.

Spouse and Family:

There would be harmonious atmosphere in your family. Sometimes, Saturn transiting the eighth highlights sexual dysfunctions or waning desires/boredom, whether we encounter these in ourselves or in our partners. We may face difficulties satisfying our libido and/or encounter problems with intimacy. You must have to balance relationships between your family and partner. I can see both of you will take your relationships till sore of the sky. But sometimes you will also feel anxiety and detachment this is because of Jupiter and Ketu both are transiting in you 7th house.  

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