Saturn Transit October 2021 and its impact on each Sign

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Saturn is transiting on October 11th.

First of all, we will discuss a little about Saturn. Every job you get is Saturn. Because Saturn is the planet to start income as well as the planet to give discipline in life. Always present on time in job. This is all under the influence of Saturn. Because Saturn is the symbol of time.

Whatever money you earn you get only by the grace of Saturn. If you think of doing business, that too is the inspiration of Saturn. If you have good contacts, that too by the grace of Shani. If you are happy with your life today, then you should be grateful to Shani for that. If you are sad due to lack of money and debt, then that too is the inauspicious fruit of Saturn because you did not plan in life.

Good economy with happiness, peace, worry-free life and good income. Understand the grace of Shani.

If Saturn is auspicious in your horoscope, then it gives you interest in the stock market. Not only this, but you get shocked even before the time to come, whether the market is going to accelerate or recession. By the grace of Saturn, every company has a study of yours. Saturn doesn’t like betting but long term investments make you rich. If Saturn is strong then your thinking is never wrong. You can also give advice to others. Vedic Astrology Planetary Combination for Foreign Travel

Everyone has called this planet a sin planet but in true sense Saturn is a judge who knows all your karma in your past lives. What I thought bad, what I did bad, what I thought good, what I did good. And how much did you help others. Saturn has all that calculation.

That’s why Saturn reapes whenever he enters a place by taking the same place which is related to your past deeds, related. Yogas in Vedic Astrology

He gives you even to improve and do good deeds, so he gives you bail and seeing your past deeds, he feels like there is no chance to improve, he also punishes you.

In the punishment of Saturn there is bonding yoga, limitations come, dignity comes, boundary comes. This bond can also bring health. Such as knee pain, reducing freedom of walking, paralysis Parkinson’s etc.

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Similarly, losing someone close to you, death of those who were very close to you, going away from family, imprisonment or settling abroad leaving the country is also due to Saturn’s signature.

Shani takes along Rahu for physical success and Shani takes along Ketu for spiritual progress. When Shani takes support of Rahu, man keeps progressing on progressing and in the stock market, like lottery is installed. When Shani takes the company of Ketu, the mind feels in meditation and the world gets annoyed.

What is the difference between the results of Vakri Saturn and Margi Saturn?


So this is how Saturn is happening now. We are not discussing astronomy so we won’t go into details of what is Vakri and what is Margi today. Will just discuss the result.

Vakri Saturn is more negative. Positive Saturn takes a break in what he wants to do. Saturn was Vakri since 23 May 2021 You must have also experienced that a lot of your work has stopped in the last 4 months, things keep happening but you are not getting results, some obstacles and some obstacles must have been coming. Still haven’t done what you wanted to do. By May, you thought that this work would be done, I will go abroad, this business will start, I will get a job for sure but some obstacles kept coming, delayed, and you were disappointed.

Just not to worry anymore. If Saturn is going on from 11th October, then understand that your wish will be fulfilled. The obstacles that were there will be removed. If you have yoga abroad, you will get even to go abroad. If the loan was not being passed, the loan will also be passed. Some money was about to come they stopped so they will come too. If health problems were going on, they will also start getting cured now. List of Yogas in vedic Astrology

Just, Saturn should be auspicious in your horoscope. Because if Saturn is inauspicious for you, you will not be able to take this much advantage, though Saturn will try to give good results.

Margie is a Discipline in Saturn. There is a system. There is a hope there is a positive energy. While the world is disturbed in Wakri Saturn, blindness spreads as we saw in Afghanistan. But Margie Saturn has a control. There is a security.

If we talk about the horoscope, the one who has the Sun of Capricorn, the moon of Capricorn or the negativity that has been going on for the last 4 months will go away and find a way. Income will also increase. When one can go and settle aboard? – Astrology Rules

Aries wedding great days for Aries it will show until Sat May 2022 Good income will also increase if you get good.

Vrushabh Mithun Singh Kanya Libra Sagittarius, this Saturn will now give a very good fruit for marriage. New job can be found, job change can be done, promotion can be done. If you want to do business, you will get that too. If you want to take a loan, you will get a loan too. Health will also improve.

The seventh place way to cancer marriage. The disturbance that Saturn has been giving in married life for the last 4 months will now decrease and married life will improve.

Vedic Yogas

Taurus Gemini Scorpio and Aquarius lagan or zodiac will remove the obstacles in going abroad or settling.

If Saturn is the planet of earth element and air element, then many airlines will be started by being margi and airlines will also be benefited. Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2019

According to the horoscope of the PM of India, Margi Shani will remove his obstacles and increase his reputation in the next 1 years and take many good decisions for India.

Looking at Yogiji’s horoscope, this Capricorn’s Margi Saturn will make him Chief Minister again in next year’s 2022 elections, it is certain.

You also take advantage of the positive vibes of Margi Shanike and your life also becomes happy, I am praying for you to have a lot of progress in life.

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