Second Marriage | 2nd Marriage in vedic astrology

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Second marriage (2nd Marrigae ) in Astrology

Possibilities of Second Marriage | 2nd Marriage in Vedic Astrology

In the present day situation there are many commercial, physical, financial reasons for a quck divorce. Men should understand that nowadays women are brought up  in a very much independent thinking with lot of education and much awareness. They watch movies liberally, they read newspapers they know about women’s freedom etc., but at the same time let us find out some common afflictions in the horoscopes which lead to separation and a possible remarriage.

  • The houses that should be carefully studied for family union or separation are 2nd, 7th, and 11th in addition Lagnam and Venus. 2nd house signifies family, 7th house signifies the first spouse and 11th house signifies the second house.
  • When the ruler of 2ndand 12th occupies the 3rd house and is / or aspected by Jupiter or 9th Lord, the native is likely to get another opportunity for a marriage since his first marriage may fail.
  • If Lagnam, 2nd house and 7th house jointly afflicted by the presence or aspect of more evil planets and at the same tome the ruler of 7th has become inactive due to asthangatham or Neecham then there is every possibility of remarriage.
  • If ruler of 9th is posited in 7th, ruler of 7th is posited in 4th – another Kendra and sukasthana then there is a possible remarriage.
  • If ruler of 7thand ruler of 11th are in Kendras or if they are seated in Konas and aspecting each other or even if these two have occupied a house together then they invite an opportunity for a remarriage.
  • If Mars, Rahu or Saturn occupies 7th and 8th houses without any aspects by a good planet then there is a possibility of loss of spouse. This may indicate second marriage.
  • If venus is debilitated either in Rasi or Navamsa or associated with a bad planet there is a possibility of remarriage. In this condition of the ruler of 7th is inactive then there is no possibility of marriage at all.
  • If both the 2ndand 7th houses are afflicted then there is possibility of loss of spouse thus creating an opportunity for remarriage.
  • If ruler of 7this in dusthanas like 6, 8 or 12 while at the same time an evil planet like Saturn, Rahu or Mars occupy 7th house, Venus in debilitated condition has associated itself with a natural benefic planet then there is a possibility of remarriage.
  • If Venus is in even rasi and the owner of the house where Venus is seated is exalted then there is a possibility of second marriage.
  • If Mars conjoins with Venus and has occupied 7thhouse, lagnathipathi is in 8th house and Saturn in 12th house there is a possibility of second marriage.
  • When the ruler of 7this in debilitation or in retrograde position when it is in exaltation he brings an opportunity for a second marriage.
  • If the 7thand 8th houses are occupied by evil planets with no good aspects and at the same tome Mars is in 12th house, the spouse will be lost thus bringing an opportunity for a remarriage.

I can hear the voice of people asking me if there are any remedial actions for this. We can do the following: 

  1. After the marriage is performed, visit an Amman Temple, remove the Thirumangalyam and deposit the same in the Hundy. Immediately conduct another marriage with a new Thirumangalyam in the Sannidhi.
  2. Create a statue of a so called spouse, conduct the first marriage, finish all the marriage rituals and then dissolve the statue in the sea. After a gap go for a fresh marriage (Remarriage) with a spouse.
  3. In villages people still follow a ritual. They consider a plantain (banana) tree as a lady since it can give birth to another tree. They conduct a marriage with the tree, cut the tree, make it as if the first wife is dead and then remarry with a human spouse (only for men). Please see the logic behind it.
  4. The best remedy is face the facts.

By vedicastronana

Second marriage and Divorce in Astrology (2nd marriage and Divorce in Astrology)

Second marriage and Divorce in Astrology (2nd marriage and Divorce in Astrology)

A lifelong happy married life is everyone’s dream, but sometimes this dream does not come true and marriage end up in breakup, separation, divorce. There are many reasons of Divorce. One of the most important reason of divorce is indication of more than one marriage in birth chart.

Indicators of more than one marriage in Vedic Astrology

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are dual signs. Mercury and Jupiter are the lords of these signs. 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th houses are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. Venus is the natural significator for marriage while 7th signifies union, partnership, marriage. Ascendant represents the native itself.

Different combinations for more than one marriage and Divorce

When 7th house or its lord connected to these signs or planets more than one marriage is indicated. This is need to be checked in Navansh and Moon chart also. Venus position in dual sign or dual planet and under malefic influence indicates more than one marriage and first marriage will end up in divorce. Dual sign in house of marriage with malefic influence also indicate more than one marriage. House of marriage influenced by dual sign or planet and 6th house having malefics also indicate divorce and 2nd marriage. 7th house is checked for marriage and 12th from it is checked for end of marriage which may result in divorce also. Saturn position in the house of wealth and family while Venus with Mars in dual sign or in dual nakshatra also indicate 2nd marriage. Malefic influence on ascendant along with mars in 7th (atleast influence of two malefic on ascendant and 7th) and afflicted Venus can caused divorce if Jupiter blessings are there can have 2nd marriage. Venus association with dual planet under malefic influence and on 7th house also indicates divorce and 2nd marriage. 3rd house role is also considered in case of legal separation. 12th house is checked when spouse itself leaves home. 9th house is also checked as wife from 2nd marriage is considered younger of 1st spouse. 9th house is also considered for negotiation or contract for marriage.


To avoid these situations do match the horoscope properly and follow the remedies on time to mitigate the negative effects of planets.

By anjna agarwal


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