Significance of Chaitra Shukla Purnima Falling on 8th April 2020 – Covid 19 Pandemic

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It has been mentioned in the Scriptures that Lord Rama’s most humble disciple is Hanumanji. And he is also messenger of Lord Rama. Hanuman Ji is Chiranjeevi ( no death in life )as mentioned in our Scriptures. This is the reason why should we pray him. It is believed that Hanumanji can vanquish all our sufferings and difficulties whatever it is with us.. The more our faith is in Him ,it strengthens our powers to fight the phenomenal crises and sufferings . We also develop at the same time, our courage and will power .

Chaitra Purnima

To day 07.04.20 is Chaitra Sukla pakhya Chaturdashi. On the day of Chaitra Shukla Purnima, Lord Hanuman had manifested himself in this world. And this tithi is falling on Wednesday, the 8th of April, (as per the Gregorian calendar.) . In a very auspicious moment of the day he was born (no mention of time in the scriptures). This Chaitra Purnima day is considered to be quite auspicious as it happens to be the first full moon day of the Hindu new year. Hence, there is a tradition of worshipping the Lord on this day with great reverence so that all of our physical and mental problems come to an end. So, it becomes quite easy for one to acquire mental peace.

Coronavirus pandemic

Now, we all know that the Coronavirus pandemic is at its peak currently. If we take an astrological look at it, we noticed that there were two planets , playing a major role in expanding this outbreak. A few days ago i posted “Corona and Rahu “. Interested readers may find out from my accounts.As you know Saturn is the significator of grief. The second is Ketu, which is believed to be the carrier of the virus and also was in advantageous position with Jupiter to have spread this pendemic. Mars is recognised for the element of fire. When Sun gets fire energy from Mars it will be more stronger. You know Sun stands for immunity. So our immunity will be increased.

Lord Hanuman

My second point of saying is that we all know Lord Hanuman received his first alphabets of education from the Lord Sun. With His help and through the learnigs that he received from Suryadeb he pacified the wrath of Shani Maharaj. Ever since then, we have been following to pay reverence to Lord Hanuman. It has also been mentioned that the planet Mars has an inherent connection with Lord Hanuman.

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End of Covid 19

The planet Ketu is known as malefic planet . Ketu Is considered to be part of Mars. Ketu is now placed 12 th from Mars. Rahu-Ketu are popular for disguises. I would like to say that just like the planets Rahu and Ketu, this virus has also arrived in disguise. And you know Hanuman ji exposed Kalanemi and Ahiravan(demons). Similarly Hanumanji will expose the cause of Covid 19. And from him we get the strength to fight against it. This medical catastrophic disaster will see its end here after. So dear all respected friends let us pray, by worshipping Lord Hanuman with a devoted heart and mind.

Mantra Beneficial for Hanuman Jayanti

Let us now find out the chanting of which Mantra which will be beneficial for us on the day of Hanuman Jayanti.

On the day of Chaitra Purnima, the planet Venus will remain seated in an extremely strong state in Taurus Sign, in Kritika 4 pada. Kritika belongs to Sun. The planet Venus stands for physical happiness and materialstic gains. It also has associations with Sanjivani (the miraculous medicinal plant, and now we will interpret the effective vaccine and treating medicine) and Shukracharya is considered to be the Guru or mentor of Sanjivani Vidya. He is also guru of daityas. This penedemic is as like daitya.

Ayurveda medicine for Corona

Lord Hanuman is not only a great scholar, but is also has mastery on Ayurveda. What a co incidence ! I hope it really will work well. It is also mentioned in Ramcharitmanas . You know from Ramayan when Lakshmana was hit by Meghnad’s deadly poisonous arrow, Lord Rama requested Hanuman to seek the Sanjivani Buti. He brought a big stretch of mountain where not only sanjivani was there , other medicinal plants were also used to be. With the help of Bhivishina Laxman was resurrected to his former life with renewed energy. So also the same thing Lord Hanuman on this day will bestow us. We will definitely improve our immunity. And your immunity helps you to fight sword to sword with the disease, in a charmed , renewed vigour and vitality. I would like to share the Mantra which should be chanted tomorrow. It is given below.

Mantra for immunity

“sumiri pavana suta pāvana nāmū… ।
apane basa kare rākhe rāmū” …II

Lord Hanuman is also held as Vayu Putra. Vayu stands for Vata(wind), which is the most predominant among the Tridoshas, if Vata is situated in pure form then a person will very often be able to remain healthy. If we talk about that particular time, by then Shri Tulsidas had suffering of terrible pain in his arms. At that time, he got a miraculous benefit and relief from his pain by penning down the Hanuman Bahuk. Therefore, reciting this Hanuman Bahuk will be very auspicious in this time. We may recite Hanuman Challisha

Mantra to get through all kinds of problems

“hanūmanna vāyuputra mahābala। ākasmādāgātotpātaṃ nāśyāśu namostute।/ “हनूमन्न वायुपुत्र महाबल। आकस्मादागातोत्पातं नाश्याशु नमोस्तुते।

Start reciting this Mantra from Chaitra Purnima onwards until and unless your physical problems come to an end. It will definitely prove to be beneficial.

…..nāsai roga hare saba pīrā। japata niraṃtara hanumata bīrā।।/ नासै रोग हरे सब पीरा। जपत निरंतर हनुमत बीरा।।

– By chanting this Mantra associated with Lord Hanuman, one’s physical problems come to an end, and the mental ones also disappear.

….. buddhihīna tanu jāni ke sumirauṃ pavanakumāra। bala buddhi vidyā dehum̐ mohi harahu kalesa bikāra।/ बुद्धिहीन तनु जानि के सुमिरौं पवनकुमार। बल बुद्धि विद्या देहुँ मोहि हरहु कलेस बिकार।।

– This couplet is especially effective in removing mental distress, physical problems as well as fatigue.

.. dīnadayāla biridu saṃbhāri। harahu nātha mama saṃkaṭa bhārī।।/ दीनदयाल बिरिदु संभारि। हरहु नाथ मम संकट भारी।।

– Chanting this Mantra silently will help you to get through all kinds of problems.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Lockdown

Lord Hanuman is also the perpetrator of force, intelligence as well as dedication and loyalty, so the more faith and loyalty you possess, the more chances you will acquire to remain at the receiving end of benediction of the Lord and safeguarding yourself from all kinds of difficulties and problems.

Now is a very difficult time for the world, as the Covid-19 Pandemic is wreaking havoc in many countries. Most of them are under lockdown for a certain period of time, so as to flatten the curve of contamination and exposure.

Despair, hopelessness and fear are the emotions which are taking over most of our minds. The number of positive cases in India are also increasing steadily. In order to beat this calamity, we need a new kind of power, energy as well as determination….Hanumanji gives us ….

Strengthen your Immunity.

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