Solar Eclipse 26th December 2019

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There is a solar eclipse on 26th December 2019. This is the worst eclipse for India since it happens in 8th house of Independence chart with descending node Ketu. Ketu connected eclipse gives worst result then Rahu connected eclipse .

Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter Saturn and Ketu will be together so the positive energy of all this 5 planets flowing to the Earth will be blocked.

Sun denotes Govt, Govt institutes and Govt servants. Moon common public and automobile . Mercury students, trade, businessmen, banking and share market. Jupiter religious places, morals, finance and economy of the country . Saturn law and order. So all this will be affected heavily by one way or the other .

Eclipse Duration and Effects in India

And this full eclipse will run for roughly 3 and half hours so its negative effect will last for 3 and half months starting from the date 26 December 2019.

Saturn Transit 2020

This 3 and half months will be too much notorious for India. Too much CHAOTIC condition in India. Record break COLD and stormy RAIN falls in winter this year. Earthquake and Cyclones like events can not be ruled out.

Jupiter will be afflicted so religion oriented movements and riots are also feared . Financial crisis in the market. Too much headache for ruling parties to control the situation and establish law and order at some States.

Natal Mars in the chart of Independence chart is affected by this eclipse so war like situation at boarder and also terrorist attacks are quite possible in this period.

The chaotic effect will start from previous Fool Moon day so from 13 December 2019.

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