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Importance and Effects of Surya Graha

Vedic Astrology is based upon the 9 grahas , 12 bhavas , 16 vargas or divisional charts and 27 nakshatras or constellations. In the magnum opus Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Parasara Muni states

“Jeevanam Karmaphalado Graharupo Janardana ” which means

Lord Vishnu himself incarnated as the 9 grahas to bestow the effects to living beings as per their own karma . So , essentially the 9 grahas assume good or bad positions based upon the individual karmas from past life and certain good or bad yogas are formed and when they will be experienced is examined by the dasha system.

In vedic astrology , Sun or Surya graha is regarded as grahapati or the leader of all the grahas and has outmost importance. Today we will study about the importance and effects of Surya Graha in vedic astrology. Sun is the chief of all the planets and below are the attributes associated with him.

Name  –  Surya

Gender – Male

Owns – Leo (20-30 degrees)

Exalted – Aries 10 degrees

Debilitated  – Libra 10 degrees

Mulatrikona – Leo (upto 20 degrees)

Gemstone – Ruby

Metal – Copper

Color – Red

Element – Fire

Chakra – Manipura

Direction – South

Tanmatra – Vision

Dhatu – Bones

Type – Moola

Time – Ayana (6 months)

Drishti – 100 % aspect on 7th house from Natal Position

Rashmis – 10

Guna – Sattwic

Abode – Temple

Status – King

Food – Wheat

The BPHS states the Sun to be bald , even and square shaped body , brown hair , honey colored eyes , has upward sight and is clean , pure and intelligent. The sun is holding lotus in both is hands and creates light , is constantly travelling on a chariot of 7 horses which represent the 7 meters (chhandas) of the vedas and is the enemy of darkness.

Exalted and powerful Sun , when associated with the eight house easily grants psychic ability of clarivoyance also known as divya drishti or extraordinary perception of sight. The sun also adds brillance , self confidence , willpower and determination in the native and makes the person very humble. Malefic or inauspicious sun will make the native volatile and angry in temperament , have huge ego , lack of willpower and will unnecessarily dominate . It also makes the native promiscuous and  wandering in nature. Headaches , weak bones , weak heart and doshas related to heat or pitta are common for those suffering from malefic sun , especially when it associates with lagna or lagnesha. The benefic aspect of Sun in women , make them homely in nature and Sun being the natural karaka for father and dharma or religion , a benefic surya makes the person religious whilst a malefic aspect makes the person a religious hypocrite.

The sun rules the weekday Sunday and fasting on this day without salt is a very effective , time tested and proven remedy. The Agni purana specially mentions the fasts for all 9 grahas and donation of wheat / jaggery is most effective and recommended. The navagraha stotra for Surya Deva as taught by Maharshi Ved Vyasa in the Mahabharat is

“Japa Kusuma Sankaasham , Kashapeyam Mahadhyutim

Tamo arim Sarva Papaghnam , Pranatoasmi Divakarm”

which means , I salute the one possessing the color of the Japa kusuma flower , son of Rishi Kashyap , having great brilliance , enemy of darkness and ignorance , the one who destroys all sins and who creates the day by his light ”

Reading this everyday for minimum 108 times is very helpful , especially in the mahadahsa and antardasha of Sun.Surya is the naisargika atmakaraka and is thus the most important graha.





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