The secret of twelfth bhav of horoscope

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We all know very well that each house has its own influence in the birth chart. In each house, different signs are placed according to the ascendant. The ruler of the ascendant is called the “Lagnesh,” which is like a prime minister in the horoscope and holds the position of a chief ruler. They possess the complete power to obtain favorable results from all the houses.

However, the lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are similar to opposition parties. They sometimes support the prime minister in certain matters and sometimes they don’t.

For instance, the 8th house will always support spiritual journeys or endeavors. The 12th house ruler will always provide assistance for going abroad or becoming a monk. The 6th house ruler will always support winning court cases. However, they don’t always provide assistance in all cases.

All planets are connected to our past lives and are aware of our good and bad deeds. They are witnesses, so they will fulfill their duties. The lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses play their role in giving the results of our negative karmas. Numerology 1 – The secret of 1, 10, 19 28

What does the 12th house signify?

Now, let’s discuss the 12th house today. Generally, we would say it represents liberation, confinement, hospitals, foreign travel, financial losses, etc. But these words are not sufficient to describe the 12th house. New Year 2023 Prediction for the country and the world?

The 12th house creates solitude in life. It separates a person from the crowd. Certain limitations and boundaries form in their daily life. A kind of karmic control comes into play. One has to enter unknown territories or environments in life.

It is the realm of the unconscious mind, the trance state, the meditative state, the state of sleep, and also the realm of dreams. The movements of the planets in the 12th house influence the dreams we experience.

Effects of 12th house

When the 12th house is active, a person travels abroad and thus has to assimilate themselves in new regions and environments. When the 12th house is active, a person might find a new job in a distant place. If the 12th house is active, a person might be transferred. Someone might go to jail and find themselves bound, paying for karmic consequences. Someone might be admitted to a hospital and find themselves lying on a bed amidst doctors and nurses. Mahadasha and Past Karmas

A child undergoes a complete transformation at the age of twelve, as the 12th house becomes active. A significant change starts to occur in the child, bringing about a full transformation. An individual experiences significant changes when they complete their 23rd year and enter their 24th year. Similarly, the turning point in a person’s life occurs when they complete their 35th year and enter their 36th year.

Significances of 12th houses

The 12th house signifies transfers, promotions, new responsibilities, new environments, foreign travel, bidding farewell to close relatives, or the beginning of a spiritual journey. Remember that the running years of 12th, 24th, 36th, 48th, 60th, 72nd, and 84th are activations of the 12th house, so significant events are likely to happen during these years. The 60th year marks the final year of a long-standing job. It’s a time of detachment from all associates. The 72nd year indicates limitations due to health issues or problems with the feet. This is the result of the activation of the 12th house connected to age.

When planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, which move slowly, pass through this house, the 12th house becomes active. When the major or sub-period (Mahadasha or Antardasha) of the lord of the 12th house is active, the 12th house becomes highly active. The impact of the Antardasha is stronger. Additionally, the transit of Saturn through the 12th house is also significant to uncover the hidden powers of the 12th house. New Unique Clock Time Method of Astrology Predictions

Naturally, the zodiac sign Pisces rules the 12th house. Therefore, the qualities of Jupiter are hidden within the 12th house. Jupiter’s transit through the 12th house can bring some negativity in mundane matters, but it holds a spark that can push anyone into their inner world. Global Financial Crisis 2020

To understand the reality of life, to start meditation, or to redirect the mind, the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, or Ketu through the 12th house are of great importance.

This is just a sketch of the 12th house. Apart from this, there are many mysteries hidden within the 12th house.

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