Theft Prediction – jammakol prassanam / jinendramala of saint upendracharya

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The theft is indicated by 8thbhava and lost article is indicated by 4th bhava and thief 7thbhava and planets in 7th indicate partners in theft.

  • udayam is person who lost article
  • 3rdhose small distance
  • 9thhouse long distance
  • 12thhouse will not be recovered
  • 10thwhy theft has happened
  • 2ndsituation
  • 1stlord in 8th or 8th lord in 1st or mutual aspect or conjoined or exchanged between them will cause theft
  • The dasa bukthi antaram of 1st /6th /8th lord event will take place
  • 8thlord in 1st somebody has come and taken
  • 1stlord in 8th he has lost somewhere

Kanya udayam:

During theft prasannam if it is kanya udayam, the event will again take place
if moon is in udayam will get the object in short span of time
Saturn in udayam it takes long time to recover
The physical characteristics of thief is known by inside moon.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Clothes worn by thief:

We have to check arudam and planets in arudam

  1. Sun: roughed dress, light orange
  2. Moon: grey, cotton white, loose dress
  3. Mars: red, tight clothes, ironed clothes
  4. Mercury: light color, uniform, no collar, light green
  5. Jupiter: sky blue, royal blue, color leaving clothes
  6. Venus: dress and age will not suit them, pink, silk sari, rose color, costly
  7. Saturn: black, color never fades, dark blue, ugly dressing
  8. Rahu: stripped clothes, flowered clothes, wear cloth on shoulders
  9. Kethu: very tight clothes, trademark dress (allensolly, levis etc.)
  10. Maandi: unimaginable dress combination

Mode of transportation of thief:

  1. Mesha, Vrishabha, Simha: 4 wheelers, bus
  2. Karkataka, vrischika, meena: train
  3. Mithuna, kanya, Dhanus: 2 wheeler
  4. Makara, Kumbha, Tula: auto, van, trash vehicle, municipal vehicle

When was the object lost?

1, 6 when u were awake
6, 8,12 kept somewhere and thief took it
Kendra or trikona when u were awake it was taken by tricks

Vedic Yogas

Who is the thief?

  • Sun and moon in 7th we can know who is the thief
  • Venus in 7th we know the thief but cannot ask them

Knowing the name of thief?

  • Nakshatra of where 7th lord is posited
  • Paambu: short name
  • Dual rashi: double name
  • Venus star: 2 names
  • Mercury and Saturn: Vishnu name, 3 letter names
  • Sun: Shiva name
  • Mars: Subramanya

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