Twenty Characteristics of Cheaters According to Analysts

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It would be great to know assuredly that one was bound to cheat. This would help plenty of relationships to never take off in the first place. However, many might disagree that it does better not knowing what the future holds. If the couple simply works on the relationship, then what happens is inevitable.

Keep in mind that traits might be based more on zodiac signs than anything else. For example, after meeting a babe on some characteristics might appear instantly.

1. Insecurities

When someone seeks validation from third parties constantly, it is a sign of a cheater. 

2. Boundaryless

Anyone who seems to push the boundaries within a relationship is a red flag. Someone who knows they can easily lose you, at any time, and doesn’t care, is a threat.

3. charmer

If the guy you are dating or flirting with, seems to be a smooth talker, be careful. Such guys charm their way in and out of relationships overnight. The Power of Venus in the 1st House: Unleashing Attractiveness and Charisma

4. Love bomber

This involves precisely that: bombarding you with stuff. It can involve sending unlimited messages, gifting, and complimenting you excessively.

5. Friends galore

Any lady with dozens of male friends and bar buddies should be avoided. A guy with several female and male friends hanging around him always could be a cheater too. Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 9

6. Too Flexible

In this case, flexibility refers to their integrity and morality. If the potential partner seems too liberal concerning religion, sexuality, and such, review what is acceptable to you.

7. Permissible

Some partners are okay with their other half drinking and hanging out with almost everyone, with no jealous streak. While this sounds cool and non-restrictive, it also means they will be spoiling themselves rotten. Matters relating to the birth of Children in Vedic Astrology – Part1

8. Wavering love background

Once you get to chatting and flirting you might notice some irregularities in previous relationships. These are red flags and perhaps, you should avoid jumping into bed with them immediately.

9. Flirtatious

Overly flirty people are either trying to hurt you or simply can’t help it. When she or he flirts with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, consider them cheaters.

10. Ready to leave with you

Maybe the potential mate is too eager to leave their current lover to join you. If this is the case, it might be a disaster waiting to happen. Who’s to say they won’t leave you instantly when someone else comes up?

11. Shadiness

When your partner seems overprotective or obsessed and jealous, they might be covering their grounds. Checking on you every time is not a sign of love or insecurities. They might be feeling guilty regarding their secret behaviors. ASTROLOGY FUTURE PREDICTIONS – 2022

12. Inconsistency

Someone wakes up and wants to break up today and perhaps make-up next week and has no idea where the relationship is going. This type is a cheater or at the very least, is confused.

13. Attention seekers

Anyone that needs to be noticed, wherever they go, and if no one cares they seek attention aggressively is likely a cheater.

14. Ugly ducklings

Some ladies take longer to blossom and when they do, the world needs to know about it. This includes anyone else who cares to notice them. Planetary Combinations for Sanyasi Yoga

15. Dark traits

Some traits are dark and sinister from the beginning, which includes narcissistic behaviors. Anyone obsessed with their time, looks, and personal stuff is bound to cheat.

16. Content creators

There is nothing wrong with creating content until all conversations and chats are naughty. This is the basis of content creation and dating one of these creators is a risky endeavor.

17. Vices

Most, but not all cheaters are likely to have some vices. These may include excessive drinking and drug use or gambling too. Their drug of choice may let you in on where the potential to cheat may lay.

18. Liars

This is an obvious sign of a cheater and should send shivers down your spine. Anyone who creates small lies regularly will be irregular in your relationship.

19. Extreme extroverts

Some people are just over-friendly while others don’t meet boundaries. A friend will learn you need their attention and when it is okay to be with others.

20. Entitlement

Anyone who feels they deserve everything and anything they wish for is likely to hop into a one-nighter randomly. It means your relationship isn’t worth as much as you think it is. 

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