Understanding Planet Sun and Saturn Relations

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Note the degree of Saturn in your birth chart. Also see the degree of Sun in your chart. Forget about Signs and houses. Are both degrees same or very near ? If the degrees are same or very near then your Sun is much active in your chart. May give good or bad result depends upon the whole chart.

Let us be more clear. Suppose if your Saturn is 13 degree in any house or Sign. If your Sun is 12 13 or 14 degree then it is called same degree and if Sun is 9 to 17 degrees then also it will be equally effective and called nearby degrees. 4 degree plus and minus will be considered like same degrees. In this condition Sun Saturn are much activated and you have come on this Earth with some purpose and you have to pay maximum to the society and clear off maximum past Karmas . Saturn is more connected with Destiny and in our hand ✋ also Saturn line is called Bhagya rekha !!

Effect of Sun and Saturn Conjunction Opposition

If Sun and Saturn are in same house or in opposition to each other then 10 degrees distance also will be most effective. Suppose your Saturn is 13 degree in Pisces then Sun from 3 to 23 degree in Pisces or in Virgo will be same effective and Destiny will test you in this birth. Also if Sun and Saturn are exchanges their houses then also same results. Conjunction and opposition is most effective to activate Sun Saturn energy !!

Now what is the effect if Sun and Saturn are in the above mentioned position ? Let us discuss

You are born on this earth to clear off certain karmic debt so you will face some responsibility from the childhood. You will be a responsible person in family and you shall have to sacrifice so many desires in early age.

Relation with paternal uncle or paternal brothers will not be smooth and you shall have to suffer from them. There will be some dispute in property matters and you will face injustice from paternal side.

There will not be much financial support from father side or you shall have to pay or suffer due to father’s some past mistakes.

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Effect for Girl

If you are a girl, you will care for your father and sometime prefer not to marry just to take care of your parents and younger brothers sisters.

If you are a girl and married earlier then despite your best dedication and care towards your new family, in laws will always treat you badly and you will have to compromise a lot till the age of 36.

Effect for Student

As a student you will be clever smart but you will suffer some ill health or pass through some incident at the time of important examinations like 10th and 12th so desired result will not be there. This will create struggle to get admission in best colleges.

You will hate the people speaking lie from the childhood. Always fight for the rights and can not tolerate Injustice. You will like to join Unions at college level and accept leadership. You will love to take responsibility and you will have good administration skill. You can handle so many things at a time. You will love God from the bottom of your heart but keep yourself away from rituals. You will have Karuna and kindness in your heart !

Due to family responsibility you will avoid to marry in early age and sometime sacrifice your own happiness. Marriage will be delayed or engagement will be broken due to negative role of relatives. Married life will be a compromise one as you will not pay proper attention and enough time to your spouse.

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In job you will have to face dirty politics of co-workers and despite your hard work you will not get recognition or rewards. Promotion will be delayed and if you are promoted, much responsibility will be given to you. There will be arguments with your superiors for your right decisions.

You would love social activities and service of mankind from childhood which can lead to an organisation or politics later. JAN SEVA IS PRABHU SEVA is your motto. You would prefer to keep beard on your face.

Saturn and Sun Conjunction in adjoining Sign

( Sometime what happens that Saturn and Sun are close but in adjoining Signs. For example Saturn is in 27 degrees Aries and Sun in 2 degree Taurus. Signs are different but in the Sky they are very very close. Isn’t it ? This is a vibrant and much potential position of Sun and gives heights to the person despite struggle because Saturn is totally combust so Saturn’s energy is absorbed by Sun. Shri Narendra Modi. Saturn 29 in Leo and Sun 0 degree in Virgo. This Sun/Saturn vibrant conjunction lifted him to the royal chair of PM. But such Conjunction is a rare phenomenon.

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Sun and Saturn in Amit Shah Birth Chart

Amit Shah. Sun Libra 5 degree in 2nd and Saturn Aquarius 5 degree in 6th. See the heights !! )

The people who have dedicated their lives in the service of mankind have Sun Saturn degree relations in their chart. May be at small town level or at national level. Mahatma Gandhi, Swamy Vivekananda, Nelson Mandela, Jayprakash Narayan, Veer Bhagatsingh, Veer Savarkar, Baba Amte, Anna Hazare and Mother Teresa are few examples of heights. They all have Sun Saturn at very close degree but in different Signs.

I hope you would love my above observations. No book will explain this Sun Saturn effects !! I am trying my best to share my research, my knowledge and experiences.

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