Understanding of Vish Yoga or Punarphoo Dosha

This article explains about what is Vish Yoga or Punarphoo Dosha and thing to avoid in this period.

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What is Vish Yoga or Punarphoo Dosha?

I remember it was 5th May 1982. This was a best Muhurt for marriage. There were so many marriages on that date.
Now after couple of years some parents consulted me for the divorce problems for their Sons or Daughters. It is my practise that whenever I see such divorce problems I always ask the date of marriage. I noticed that in 70 % divorce cases, the marriage date was 5th May 1982.

Again it was 26 April 2001. Akshaya Trutiya, the best muhurt and so many couples were married on that day but unfortunately in so many cases problems like separation and divorce were noticed within 5 years. NEET Exam 2019 result

Both muhurt were best as per Panchang even then divorce ! Why ?

The reason was Moon Saturn Conjunction on that day. It is called Vish Yoga or Punarphoo dosha. If any event managed on that day, the event is repeated.

I also remember the date 06 10 1992 which was Vijaya Dashmi (Dashera) when there was a grand opening of one Mall and one big Electronic show room in my city. The Mall was closed in 2 years and the show room was shifted to other Complex.

Things to Avoid on Vish Yoga or Punarphoo Dasha Days

  • Never do engagement or betrothal when Moon and Saturn are in same Sign or opposition Sign. Otherwise the relation will no longer be continued.
  • Don’t start a love relation or send first ‘Hi’ to Bf or Gf on that day otherwise it will break. Is MODI JI PM AGAIN?
  • Don’t take possession of new flat in Moon Saturn conjunction or opposition otherwise you shall have to shift the residence to other area.
  • Also try your best not to join new Job or start new Business on such Vish Yoga day.
  • Don’t purchase vehicle or any new electronic equipment/appliance or mobile, clothes etc on this day otherwise you will have to go to the shop back to change it due to some defect.
  • Don’t travel to meet anybody on such day. The person whom you want to meet will not be available and you shall have to come back.
  • Don’t keep meeting on Visha Yoga days in advance.You shall have to postpone it due to some reason. How to Solve Relationship Problems?
  • Don’t commit a time to anybody. You will not reach in time due to traffic jam problems.
  • Flights trains buses will not run in time when Moon ( Speed ) is connected with Saturn ( Delay ).

There are 4 days of Vish Yoga in every month so keep watch.

All above findings are out of my long research and observations and tested so many times. You can trust and watch !!!

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