USA – Difficult Time Ahead

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America got freedom and formed new Govt on 4th July 1776. The documents were signed after lunch and a long meeting at 15 hours so Libra Lagna is the birth chart of America .

Ketu seated in 4th house. Aquarius Moon in 5th. Sun Mars Jupiter and Venus all in 9th house. Mercury Rahu in 10th. Saturn in 12th house.

Mercury is the planet of skill and technology which is seated in the 10th house . Rahu as a friend of Mercury supported Mercury so US is well planned and advance in technology from years together .

Rahu Mahadasha – Jupiter sub period

America enjoyed the period of Venus Sun Moon and Mars. But then after Rahu Mahadasha took the charge of America from August 2017. At present Rahu Jupiter period just started from 4th may 2020.

We all know that Rahu Jupiter is GuruChandal yoga so this period never give peace to the people of the country . For America Jupiter will rule original white Americans and Rahu will rule all immigrants including nonwhite people.

After starting this Dasha in May 2020 we saw the riots after George Floyd’s death by a Police officer on 25th May. See that Mars is crossing Moon till 18 June so this riots may be controlled latest by this date.

But this is just beginning . Rahu Jupiter will create bitterness between the Whites and Blacks. Original residentials and immigrants and also create job problems in America in this period till September 2022.

On the top of this, Jupiter is retrograde in Capricorn over Ketu so Jupiter is too much disturbed now in this month and also for some months in 2021 too. Lagna lord Venus is also retrograde so running time is really bad till September 2020

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I fear some immigrants may return to their own country within this 2 and half years time frame due to insecurity and job problems. Peace and economy will be disturbed heavily in this country.

Due to economy problems America may lose its number one position.

Immigrants rules may also be changed in 2021 so H1 B Visa policy also may be affected. Those who are settled in America and doing business should also take care and focus on savings only.

Don’t take big risk at least till 2022 starts.

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