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Planet in 12th to Sun this yoga is formed, Name and fame are indicated .like in the birth chart of Leo sign if Sun in 1st house and other planets in 12th house this Yoga formed.

Vosi Yoga
A planet, not including the Moon, Rahu or Ketu, in the 12th from the Sun.
“One born with Vosi Yoga will be skillful, charitable, of excellent speech, looking towards the sides, employed, equal to a king, and genuine. He is endowed with fame, learning, strength, and a good memory. He will have a strong physique around the waist. Malefics forming this yoga will give contrary effects.”

Planets forming Vosi Yoga rise before the Sun; therefore, these planets are those with which the native initiates the experiences in their life. These are potentially the most activating and initializing planets in the horoscope. The traits of these planets will be very noticeable in the native upon first impression.
Generally benefics forming Vosi Yoga are favored. Classical texts give very different results to benefics vs. malefics forming Vosi Yoga:

“One born in a Suvosi Yoga (Vosi Yoga formed by benefics) will be liberal, blessed with all kinds of comforts, wealth, and happiness, a favorite of the sovereign, liked by all, exceedingly prosperous, and famous.”

Benefics forming Vosi Yoga indicate that the native initiates their life in a well to do fashion, which includes kindness, fairness, balance, etc. The first impression of the native will be a good one in accordance with the nature of the benefic. Benefics forming Vosi Yoga, which are debilitated in the rasi or the navamsa, will, however, indicate problematic and imbalanced character qualities in accordance with the nature of the benefic, which reduce the native’s capacity to initiate the things they want in their lives. Any other yogas these debilitated planets are taking part in will, however, still become more powerful due to their taking part in the Solar Yoga.

Venus”The person will be valorous, famous, virtuous and reputed.”

Venus forming Vosi Yoga by being in the 12th from the Sun indicates that the native evaluates the situations in life before proceeding. Diplomacy, grace, charm, respect and care are noticeable upon first impression.


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