Vedic Astrology and Education

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Vedic Astrology and Education

Vedic Astrology and Education: Education is important for all and I decided to explain this for all parents and everyone. Many times education plays important role in career and earning money in this professional world, so this topic need to take carefully. Many question in our parents mind such as education in astrology, vidya yoga in astrology, medical education astrology, higher studies astrology,  vedic astrology and education, higher education and astrology,

In a horoscope main houses for education are 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th house. 4th house is the karaka house of education and 5th is for Intelligence/intellect. 2nd house for very early childhood education. As 2nd house is the house of vani/voice/speech and goddess Saraswati ,so this also can be considered as house of education in childhood. 4th /5th house most important house for education your school level education depends on this. Now 9th house, this house shows how your higher education chances, how it will support you in your earning and stabilize your career. Many students taken degree of engineering but started their own business because of this house. This house shows what higher degree you taken and you will continue with this or choose another line. Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor

2nd house for education: If malefic planets present in the 2nd house like Rahu, Saturn or Mars then difficulties in early childhood education. Here need to check position of mercury/Jupiter and 4th house also; if it is strong then problem will be less.

4th house for education: Your full schooling should be judge from this house, this is the house which tells your school education will be good or bad. It shows your interest towards studies planet such as Mercury/Jupiter/Sun shows intelligent and sensible student. On other side planet like Rahu/Ketu/Saturn shows break in education.

5th house for education: House of intelligence so it is also important. If this house weak or planet placed is weak then problem comes in education due to wrong decision, suddenly good math’s student changes his side and choose commerce and his down fall starts. Placement of Sun/mercury in this produces good mathematician and Astrologer. If strong Saturn placed in this house with good aspect of mercury or Jupiter it can make you scientist. Venus in this house gives the interest in media/film making/acting/Singing even in astrology also. Astrology Yoga for Higher Education

9th house for education: This is the most important house for education because this is professional studies(Higher Degree) house and now days everyone want to take degree such as engineering, management degree, Doctor etc… For higher studies we must look at the who’s the lord of the 9th house, where is it sitting, who is sitting in the 9th house and what planet are aspecting the 9th house.

If Rahu/Ketu and Saturn are sitting in the 9th house or aspecting the 9th house without any benefic planet aspect on it (mainly Jupiter) then it will delay the graduation education. Ketu is a planet without head, which means it doesn’t think logically, and having Ketu in the 9th house gives delay and less fruit from higher studies. Planets such as Jupiter/Mercury/Sun/Moon are very good for your 9th house. If your 9th house lord in weak and sitting on 6/8 then what degree you taken you will not continue with same degree (will not help that degree)& will leave the field. This is the reason. Astrology and Education

9th house lord in 10th /11th /4th /5th or in ascendant placement mentioned by very powerful parivartan yoga but yes this yoga should be strong. Rahu always gives break and delay in education.

D-24 for education: For Divisional chat, I will tell you first, Never go for divisional chart if your time is not accurate, D-1 and D-9 are sufficient. In D-24 chart you should need to check your 5/9thhouse and its lord placement. One more important point need note that, you should check you 9thlord placement also in D-24 chart. It will tell you more accurate.

Planet and your education Sun represents administrative education, Vedas, and philosophy, Political science.

Moon is auspicious for Cloth related courses like (NIFT), medical, poetry, spiritual, Writing.

Jupiter for teaching related education, Vedas, philosophy and astrology.

Mercury is significator of Computer Engineer, mathematics, financial management and accountancy, astrology, Management related courses,Writing.

Venus is auspicious for Fashion related courses, Acting, Media, music, Interior decoration.

Mars for administrative education, Management related courses, Medical Courses.

Saturn Mines-oil course degree, LLB, Leather, Electronics related courses,Electrical.

Rahu are chief Karakas of foreign education and foreign languages. Computers & electronic, Media, Film/acting/Politics

Ketu for spiritual,yog etc..  Vedic Astrology and Education Yoga   Source: prateek8686      

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