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Reasons and Remedies for Delayed marriage in Astrology:


Prakriti is Shakti, Purusha is Shaktimaan. Without shakti, shaktimaan is has no existence and without shaktimaan there is no place for that shakti. So, the Bride and Groom are two manifestations of the nature i.e., prakrti and purusha. It is a spiritual necessity that prakriti and purusha should join together and work in harmony for the grand play of creation. And it is most important for them to be in timely-union with each other in order to achieve happiness and bliss.
A good happy and timely marriage is a true blessing in this world. Marriage of two souls is established mainly according to Vedic admonition, for the purpose of the realization of dharma and progeny. Although marriages are made in heaven, human beings are not aware of their would-be partners. Their search for a suitable person raises anxiety all the more, as the selection is made but once, in a lifetime.
Now, if this union or marriage is delayed, it becomes the area of concern. We usually come across certain persons, who have got their marriage delayed for no apparent or special reasons. We can clearly see the reasons for delay in marriage through their astrological charts. The tenth adhayaya of Mantreswara’s Phala Deepika, an ancient astrological treatise, clearly states the reasons for delay or obstruction in timely marriage. It states in the fifth verse that if in anyone’s astrological chart Venus and Moon are in opposition to the Mars and Saturn, it causes the obstruction in getting a spouse in time.
If there is a weak moon in the fifth house of astro-chart and malefics in the first, seventh and 12th house there remains a very high probability of obstruction in marriage.
The Placement of Saturn and moon in the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th or 12th house delays timely marriage on any person. In the case of females the natural significator of husband remains Jupiter and Sun. If there are afflictions to these planets in the female chart or there is association of Saturn with these two planets along with the 7th house lord, which is a marriage house lord, the marriage is delayed undoubtedly.
Astrologically, the natural significator of wife for a man remains Venus and the 7th house Lord. If there is any affliction to the Venus and 7th Lord along-with Moon in any man’s chart the marriage is delayed without any doubt.
The main planets responsible for delayed marriage are Saturn, Rahu, Weak Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mars. The planet Saturn is slow in its progress in fructifying results in the astrological chart. So, if it has any influence on the house of marriage or its lord it normally created unnecessary delays in the marriage.
If the Mars and Saturn combine in the chart with 7th lord or in the seventh house it creates conflicts in the two families resulting in delayed or complicated marriage.
When the 7th house from Ascendent, Moon and Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn and Mars, the girl or boy will not get married before 27 years or may reach in the initial 30s.
In an another observation, the lord of 7th, the marriage house in astrological chart, if placed in 6th, i.e. 12th position from itself along with influence of Rahu or Saturn on the house of marriage is sure combination to delay the marriage.
The Mars and Sun combination present in 7th house and Saturn in the 12th house also strongly delays marriage and may also create complications in the marriage. If the 7th lord gets combust and is ill placed or associated with malefic planets it delays marriage.
These combinations do not only delay in marriage but are also capable of producing marriage complications or disharmony. Untimely marriage in itself is an indication of lack of happiness of timely marriage. There are many Vedic astrological remedies available for delayed marriage in our ancient scriptures. Likewise there are some important mantras also mentioned in the ancient texts to be chanted to get the desired results or remedies for delayed marriage. One may chant the Katyayini Mantra as, “Katyayini Maha-mayae, Mahayogini-yadhe-eshwari, Nand Gop Sutam Devi, Patim Me Kuru te Namaha”. This mantra may be recited number of times in the multiples of 108 according to one’s convenience by unmarried girls to achieve timely and happy marriage.
Another remedy for delayed marriage may be this mantra of Maa Parvati, known as Maa Parvati Swayamvar Mantra, “Ballarkayutsat-prabhaam kartale-lolbru malakulam, Malam-sand-dahatim manohar-tanum Mand-smita-dho-mukheem Mandam mand-mupe-sushee Bariyitum shambhum jagan-mohinim, Vandit-padam-isht-arthadaam Parvateem”. Chanting should be done with devotion and dedication on Monday or Fridays for the fruitful results for early marriage.
Alternatively there are other mantras such as Swayamvarkala Mantra, “Om hreem yogini yogini yogeshwari, yogeshwari yog bhayankari, Sakal-sthavar-jangma-sya mukham, Hradyam mum ashmakarshayakarshaya Swaha’. This mantra should be recited ten thousand times and should be started on an auscipicious quick result giving mahurata. One girl can also take help of Bhagwati Mantra, Ved Mantras, Durga Mantras.
The male persons or marriageable age boys may chant Maa Durga Mantra 108 times ‘Patnim Manoramaam Dehi, Mano-vratanu-sarineem, Tarineem Durg Sansara Sangarasya Kulodbhavaam”. Or Vijaya Sundari Mantra, “Om Vijaya-sundari Kleem”.
As a remedy for delayed Marriages and to avoid delays in Marriage
“Om Devimdrani Namastubyam, Devendra priyabhamini,
Vivaha Bhagyam Arogyam, Sreeghra Labhincha Dehi-me”.
The unmarried girls and boys whose marriage proposals are being getting delayed due to various reasons are advised to chant the above mantra with utmost faith and recite it, 108 times daily to fulfill their desire. One must remember, “Love will have its day”~ Bono


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