Vedic Astrology Planetary Combination for Foreign Travel

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Planetary Combination for Foreign Travel

Foreign Travel and Astrology
As per the Parasara system, the houses 3, 9 and 12 signify travel. My research has shown that the 8th house also plays a very important role in deciding travel abroad. The 8th house, is the 11th from the 10th. If we go into the scriptures of the past, associations of the 8th house and travel abroad are always signified as ‘Kala Pani’, ‘ Desh Nikala’ or to be deported across the ocean. i.e. at that time, it meant that being displaced from the place where you are born and wandering in foreign lands was not a very happy situation, which was related to the value systems. The 8th house and its association with other houses like the 4th (for leaving family behind) and the 7th (for being separated from wife) need to be analysed.
The modern trend has changed from the era when Classics on Astrology was written. Travelling abroad is one of the cherished dreams of most Indians now. Large number of Indians are traveling abroad for realizing their ambition.
Purpose of travel
The purpose for which he will go abroad has to be ascertained from the lord of the 6th house (i.e. 9th from the 10th house and the 11th from the 8th house).
People visit foreign countries for various purposes some go there for vacations, some go on business trip, some students go for further higher education. But most of them go on the basis of the intension to settle there. When 4th lord is placed in 12th house then native will be more beneficial in living abroad rather than at his native place.

Primary houses for foreign journey which are 9th and 12th house fall in moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), then there is a possibility of foreign travel (or travel over the seas!). It is obvious from the above that Cancer is a powerful sign in this regard as it is both a moveable sign and a watery sign. Thus if the 9th or 12th houses of a horoscope fall in these signs, or if the 9th or 12th house lords fall in these signs, you may deduce that foreign travel is indicated for such natives.
For higher education one may go to a Foreign country . 4th house stands for basic education and 9th house stands for advanced courses and specializations. Association of 5th, 9th, and 12th lords in the Dasamsha indicate traveling abroad for professional reasons. These persons are usually employed as skilled professional like (scientists, professors, etc.)in abroad. If the combination of 9th and 10th lord is associated with the 12th house, the native may go on to win prestigious awards in the foreign country. When 10th and 12th lords of the dasamsha have mutual aspect or association Similar results may be expected. The concerned Planets in moveable signs indicate travels away from homeland and hence might indicate long stay abroad.
When once the Foreign Travel is confirmed then see the periods for foreign travels along the following lines.
1. Dasa/ bhuktis of Rahu, Venus, or Moon if these planets are in the 12th house.
2. Dasa/ bhukti of the 9th lord or the 12th lord, or the planets that are in association with the 12th lord
3. Sub-periods of Ketu and Rahu in the major period of Rahu.
4. When Jupiter in its transit aspects the 9th or 12th house, or aspects the 9th/ 12th house lords
5. Foreign journeys are experienced even during sade-sathi.
Directions associated with the journey: which is mostly linked with Rasi’s direction:
Rasi which represent the western side are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
When the concerned lords and Moon are placed in respective houses like 9th, 12th or 4th in these Rasis then chances are more bright that one will go to US or Canada.


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