Astrological Reasons for delay in marriage and How to over come

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Astrological Reasons for delay in marriage 

Astrological Reasons for delay in marriage: It is an old dictum that Marriages are made in heaven. But due to changed scenario, things also have changed. It is my endeavor to explain why marriages are broken, or separated or divorced etc., and the necessary remedies etc., Marital maladies can be grouped into four categories

  1. Delay or denial of marriage
  2. Absence of conjugal bliss
  3. Loss of the life partner
  4. Separation or divorce

After careful examination of the chart of the native, we have to take into consideration of the following things. The Placement of Sun and Moon in the sign and constellation of Saturn causes delay in marriage. If Saturn conjoins with Venus or Rahu or Mercury, identical to the seventh house, marriage gets delayed appreciably. If both the luminaries get the navamsa of Saturn, and Venus has also the influence of Saturn in Navamsa, marriage will be obstructed. Mantra or Spiritual Remedies for delayed Marriage

If the lagna and the 7 th house or their lords or Venus are placed between Saturn and Sun, marriage will be delayed. If the Sun and Saturn are adversely placed in the lagna or the 7 th house or vice versa, the marriage will be very much delayed or it may be denied if both the planets are at 180 degrees. Same will be the case with Saturn and Moon though with a lesser degree of intensity for absolute denial. Sun and Moon are enemies of Venus. If Venus occupies any of the sign of Cancer or Leo and that is hemmed between the Sun and the Moon, the marriage will be obstructed. Vedic Astrology Reasons for delay in marriage

If Venus is in Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius except Libra and closely associated with malefic, the problems in the settlement of marriage will be grave. The placement of the lord of the lagna in the 7 th house will either deny marriage or will create aversion to marriage and will give unhappiness in this regard. Placement of Rau in the 7 th house with two malefics will also obstruct marriage. Retrograde planets even Jupiter, Venus and Mercury cause obstacles in the settlement of marriage.   Source: astrologyforu


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