Divorce in Astrology | Vedic Astrology Yogas for divorce

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Astrological reasons for divorce

Divorce in Astrology : Here in this article we will try to discuss various Astrological reasons for divorce or Separation. We will analysis horoscope to find the basic rule of  Separative Influence.

Separative planets in Astrology

Sun,Saturn,Rahu are separative planets, lords of sign occupied by these planets and 12th house lord are mainly play rule separation. We may it like this that these planets play important roll  in separation or abandonment the happy We will take an example of two of the seraptive planets having influence on the forth house (the house which force to leave home or country of birth place i.e. motherland. Similarly if these planets influence seventh house and its lord (union house of two people called husband & wife in our case) than they cause separation from that union (marriage) . This is case when one separates from husband or wife.

Note:- Significator of marriage for boy is Venus and for girl is Jupiter as per Vedic Astrology

A list of few yogas causes separation from life partner

  1. If jupiter is placed in seventh house even if it is  lord of seventh house does normally unsatisfactory results.Jupiter placement in seventh house gives great disappointments & dissatisfaction in happy marriage life. Jupiter causes unnecessary and undue delay in marriage.
  2. If Venus is in Kritika nakshatra it gives very bad result & most inauspicious for married life. similarly other nakshatras namely Moola,Aridra and Jyeshtha are  found separative in nature if Venus planet is in these.
  3. If seventh lord is in 6th house/cusp and there is influence by separative planets than  it is most effective situation for separation from married life. (Note: – 6th house is 12th from 7th house)
  4. If seventh lord or significator joins 6th lord and this combination is afflicted(conjuncted or aspected) by separative or malefic influence we have seen separation in relationship but if this whole combination or seventh house has influence of Jupiter than it is great saving factor, they will have quarrels through out life but will not separate. (Note Jupiter aspect is very  auspicious)
  5. As sixth house is a house of legal matters or disputes and if strong connection with seventh lord, significator or sixth lord with  seventh house than it results in legal separation or divorce.
  6. if seventh house, seventh lord or significator all are afflicted by malefics either aspects, conjunction or any association than this a situation of un happy married life.
  7. If Rahu or Saturn is Lagna, association with Lagna lord, aspects lagna lord or any strong connection with lagna lord & there is no saving factor than this combination is again causes separation from married life.
  8. If seventh lord is retrograde and is inflicted by malefic aspects, conjection than this also leads to unhappy married life even causes separation if there is no saving factors like aspects of Jupiter, strong Venus or Moon.
  9. If in female horoscope Aries or Scorpio lagna rise & seventh lord is also weak,retrograde afflicted (association of malefic planet) or combust than in these case normally she leave husband house or abandoned her husband.
  10. If combination of Sun & Mars is second, seventh or eighth house than this results in separation, discarding or untimely death of life partner making separation from life partner.
  11. If Venus is in affliction to Rahu or Mars by association , aspects in sixth,seventh,eight or twelfth house it may cause involvement with others and can be cause of separation.
  12. If lords of second & seventh house are in nakshatra of evil lords especially of sixth lord, this afflication can cause separation, divorce or litigation in husband & wife.

I tried to give some astrological combinations which might cause divorce or separation or constant quarrel between the life partners but it does never means that these are always meets such situations because there are numerous saving factor in a horoscope. therefore one must check for saving factors along with good combinations in the horoscope before finally deciding the fate of any couple. HAPPY READING ENJOY MARRIED LIFE WITH GRACE   Source: kbmonga

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