Venus Rahu conjunction Vedic Astrology

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Venus Rahu conjunction

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Venus is the guru of the demons and Rahu is said as the disciple or the chela of the demon, these two have very good relationship between them, before going to start the discussion we need to know the basic nature of the planets, Venus is called shukra- the karaka of sukha i,e the pleasure. not only in material sense it also gives pleasure in metaphysical sense also subjected to placement and the other condition. Without the help of venus it is impossible to get astasidhhi  i.e 8 types of sidhhis in tantra marg, and Rahu the disciple of the Venus always try to expand the things as he has never ending last, he has the face but not the lower portion so never ending last. Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor

Venus Rahu conjunction in different houses:

Venus Rahu conjunction in 1st house:

The person will have a jovial face will be interested in money matters , may be involved in ore than one relationship, extra marital relationship is possible. in this combination they will try to dominate others and one thing i have seen in this combo is they will achieve the things what they required by hook or by crook. Planetary combinations for success in politics

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Venus Rahu conjunction in 2nd house:

It is not considered as a good one in many respect as rahu may create vani dosha, they often use foul words, they want amass the wealth as much as they can be it in a legal way or in illegal way. Vedic Astrology Planetary Combination for Foreign Travel

Venus Rahu conjunction in 3rd house:

this indicates frequent change and ups and downs in the fortune, they are very unsettled and fond of travelling. usually they use to have large no of sisters. Planetary combinations for Sanyas/Sanyasi Yoga

Venus Rahu conjunction in 4th house:

when in a good sign or a friendly sign it gives several conveyances, noise free vehicle and well decorated house, they may face problems in their study, mother may fall into sickness very easily. Vedic Astrology Planetary Combinations for Love Affairs/ Marriage.

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Venus Rahu conjunction in 5th house:

5th house is the house of purva punyam, rahu here indicates the upasana of some kshudra devata, but when it is the exaltation house of venus or when he is in his own house a very good tantra sadhaka, on the other hand secret relationship with more than one of the opposite sex, large no of female issue also can be said. Venus and Jupiter conjunction in vedic astrology

Venus Rahu conjunction in 6th house:

It is almost undesirable. it will give so many diseases, the person may encounter so many enemies and he may be cheated from his own kith and kin. Effects of conjunction of two planets

Venus Rahu conjunction in 7th house:

This is a sure short indication of marital disharmony, wife may be short lived, the person may marry a foreigner or of the different caste. Conjunction of planets in Vedic Astrology

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Venus Rahu conjunction in 8th house:

Sexual diseases like aids, gonorrhoea etc. on the other hand if it is a good sign or good house secret practice of tantra, mantra etc. 

Venus Rahu conjunction in 9th house:

Much ups and downs in luck, the person may change his dharma or the religion, may go to foreign.

Venus Rahu conjunction in the 10th house:

It related work or work related with camera technique , shadow art, sometimes business of narcotics , alcohol etc. Planet aspects in Vedic Astrology

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Venus Rahu conjunction in the 11th house:  

It is a very very good place to sit together as both indicates physical desires and here monetary success is indicated, physical pleasure, earning through illegal way, by fraudulent ways are also the indication.

Venus Rahu conjunction in the 12th house:

It is not a good place for them to sit, the person may suffer from poverty, but one thing is sure that they will get the help at the time of utter poverty, may settle himself in abroad or in a distant place from the birth place.

Again the sign, the star etc, are of very much importance and the depositor also have some role to play, the result may vary with those conditions.

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