Vipareeta raja yoga rules by jyothishi – Part 1

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Vipareeta raja yoga rules:

Vipareeta raja yoga means : one person’s rise, gain or success after failure or loss to another person.

Vipareeta raja yoga rules :– If the two or more lords of malefic houses (Dusthanas), namely, 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th houses stay in conjunction in 6th, 8th or 12th houses or have exchange yogam (stay in each other’s house), the person enjoys royal comforts and affluence in life during the main-periods of those planets..

No malefics should be related to these planets, which ruin the raja-yogam. Also other planets should not conjunct with these 2 or 3 planets; then the yogam is ruined. So It implies the collection of power or gains coming together due to another’s ( or ones own) down fall or death of another.

The important considerations in this yoga are The planets ( grahas) involved should be weak by their placement in a malefic house (dusthana) or in debility (neecha sthana) in the rasi chart ( Janma Kundalai) or in the Navamsa (D9) chart, or / and be strong in a kendra ( quadrant) or trikona ( trine ) and transfer power to the lord of the lagna, or atmakaraka by conjunction or drushti (aspect).

It is also observed that the recipient of this yoga my not rise in position (become the next Governor, Minister, Vice President of a Company ) but will get residual benefits from another person that may have this yoga also – I found this in many natal charts. So two cases occur: 1. The direct benefit from the loss or misfortune of another.

Many call out the down-fall of an enemy due the malefic house (dusthanana) influence, yet this is not always the case and therefore; 2. The rise or benefit to the native based upon the downfall of a friend or ally. Generally a key role is played by Saturn, as Sani is the natural karaka (significator) of malefic houses (dusthanas). Source: jyothishi

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