Vipareeta (Vipeet) raja yoga by jyothishi – Part 4

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Example : This is the horoscope of a good natured, lazy but lucky guy; he declines to do any job / business. He was born in Nov–1968; in Kakinada (Andhra; India). He has Venus, the lord of 12th house (Taurus) in 6th house causing a strong Harsha yoga. He now leads a life of prosperity and of Harsha (enjoyment) in Kakinada. His natal chart is given below:

Vipareeta (Vipeet) raja yoga example
Vipareeta (Vipeet) raja yoga example

During the period of Venus and sub-period of Venus some important events occurred in his life. His rich mother-in-law died; she left one shopping complex in 350 and a house in another 350 area in prime locality as inheritance to her daughter. He sold the shopping complex at a good rate. His paternal grand-father and father worked hard, lived frugally and piled up savings of about a few millions as bank deposits.

His parents left India to live with their other sons, settled in U.S.A; they had two houses in Kakinada. So this young man had two unfortunate events in 3 years (during Venus-Venus period); one is the death of his rich and aged mother-in-law and the other is his separation from his parents. But he has over a few millions worth possessions in his control. So he left his job; he stays at home enjoying these riches. He has no bad habits or addictions. It gave him beneficial results in Venus main period and sub-period.

The recipient of this yoga (this person) has not risen in position (become the next Governor, Minister, Vice President of a Company ) but he gets residual benefits from another person that may have this yoga also. His father has this yoga. His lord of 6th house is in 12th house. So he gets benefits of riches from his father. I found this in many natal charts.

My Remarks :- These three yogas, Harsha, Sarala and Vimala illustrate us how lords of malefic houses by occupying malefic houses can remove the evil effects, specially in their periods. Even though the astrologer-author of the above yogas ascribed beneficial results to these three yogas, yet in actual life situations some contrary results have been observed. Sage-astrologers Maharshis Parasara and Lomasa do not favour the idea that the sting from an evil lordship is removed entirely as a result of the lord occupying another malefic house. On the other hand, the intensity of malefic effect is modified.

According to Maharshi Parasara: (1) When the lord of 6th house is in 6th house, the person’s relatives become his enemies; he would befriend outsiders and may seek their help to harm his enemy-relatives. (2) When the lord of 6th house is in 8th or 12th house, the native hates learned persons; he becomes sickly. He may go after other’s wives; he may take pleasure in causing violence in the family or in the society. Therefore the astrologer should carefully examine the intrinsic evil nature of the ownership of the planets, while interpreting these three yogas.

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