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There are questions from almost all clients that whether I will be able to go abroad ? Whether I will get VISA ?

Some desire to go for study, some just to enjoy or to attend some event, some to join job, some give IELTS exams after their eligibility, some go on family file and some after marrying a Citizen. Purpose may be various but the main question is whether I will get VISA after interview ?

This write up is to understand the rules in Astrology whether one can get VISA and settle for couple of years.

These rules will not be applicable to those who are going in group on World Tour organised by some Tours and Travel operators in vacation for a week or two.

Rule 1. Rahu/ Ketu axis is connected with abroad. Rahu is a Consulate Officer. So Rahu or Ketu must be in Lagna or with Lagna lord or in 3rd House or with 3rd house lord or in 12th or with 12th house lord in the Birth chart. (This rule is mandatory ) Vedic Astrology Planetary Combination for Foreign Travel .

Rule 2. 3rd house is separation from Home and family, 9th house is long journey and 12th house is foreign country or unknown remote place so there must be a connection either between First and Third or between First and Nineth or between First and Twelfth. Connection means either exchange or mutual aspect or lord of Lagna in 3rd or 9th or 12th house or lord of 3rd or 9th or 12th house placed in Lagna or both lords placed together somewhere. Is this clear ? When will you get Job?

So if these 2 conditions are fulfilled then be rest assured that you are destined to go and settle abroad at certain age decided by destiny.

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Now the question comes, WHEN ? To answer this question we should focus on 3rd ( Separation from family and home ) 9th ( Long journey ) and 12th houses ( Foreign ).

First of all we should consider activation of 9th or 12th house. So when 24th 33rd 36th 45th 48th 57th 60th or 69th age is running one goes abroad. New Unique Clock Time Method of Astrology Predictions

Or when the house where 9th or 12th lord or Rahu is seated in birth chart is activated one goes abroad. Please remember Rahu has the power to give Visa and the plane ticket, so when Rahu is activated or Rahu goes in 9th or 12th in transit, you can get Visa and go abroad in the appropriate other Gochar.

Sometimes if the dasha and antardasha lords are signifying 9th or 12th houses as per KP rules one goes abroad. ( KP is the perfect method to see such events and it is tested in many cases ).

Now secondly, if 9th or 12th house is activated, then first watch the transit of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. ONE of these 4 planets must be transiting 3rd or 9th or 12th house at the time of departure.

During the transit of slow moving planets above, when Sun or Mars is transiting 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th houses you will leave the country in that month.

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At the same time one more rule is also observed by me in most of the cases.

When a person goes abroad his Sun is over natal Mars or natal Saturn OR opposing natal Mars or natal Saturn. Sometimes his Mars is over natal Sun or opposing natal Sun.

Here I would write one interesting fact. When a person goes first time just to enjoy or to join a good job, he is excited with thrill so in such case his Sun is over Mars or opposing Mars but when a girl goes to abroad after marriage she has tears in her eyes with sadness or grief while leaving her beloved family members so in such case her Sun is transiting her natal Saturn or opposing natal Saturn.

Mars has joy, thrill, adventure and excitement in his nature whereas Saturn has sorrow, sadness, grief, insecurity, worry, fear and depression in his nature. Rahu Ketu Transit in 2016 for various Ascendant/Moon

At the time of the departure, Moon will be in the 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th and if not then on the natal Mars or natal Saturn OR opposing natal Mars or natal Saturn. Predicting foreign travel in Vedic Astrology

Research is my passion and I have studied more than 100 cases who have settled abroad. Also watched the date of departure to know the house activation and planetary positions on the day.

I am giving the dates to appear in the interview for Visa after setting Sun Mars and Moon in the chart and by Grace of God people are getting Visa easily on that date.

All my write up is based on my strong observations and I have developed my own rules.

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