When Ram Mandir will be constructed?

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(A unique research article written on 6 June 2018 )

There was a serious question in my mind at 3.59 pm on 6th June 2018 as to whether RAM MANDIR will be constructed at Ayodhya ? If yes then when ?

The horary chart was prepared immediately and to my surpise Jupiter was in Libra Lagna. Jupiter is the planet of God and temple. Lagna was at 7 degree and Jupiter 20 degree so Lagna point was progressing towards Jupiter. Good !

Moon was in the 5th house with devine planet Neptune and was aspected by Jupiter. Here one thing I would like to mention that Jupiter and Neptune are in exact trine. This shows that some divine and subtle force in astral world is active to build the temple. This means, yes, the temple will be constructed without fail.

Lord of Lagna Venus placed in the 9th house, the house of Dharma or Religion and aspected by Jupiter also confirms this. The only factor to be thought is Saturn, the planet of delay who is aspecting to Moon and Venus.
The 7th house is opposition party and lord of 7th house Mars is joined with Ketu. Ketu signify Muslim religion or Muslim board. This means the chart is correct.

The matter is pending with Supreme court. What will happen ?

When Ram temple will be constructed ?

Since Jupiter is in Lagna and divine force is active, some acceptable formula will be decided either by Court or by Government. But when ? Not in Libra Jupiter but only after 5 November 2019 when Jupiter moves to Sagittarius, the 9th Sign of zodiac. This Sign has much to do with Religion and Temples.

So in my view, final judgement from Supreme court for RAM MANDIR issue will be only after 5 November 2019.

Now let us come to closer. We will wait till Saturn comes in Sextile to Neptune and Rahu/Ketu comes to zero degree. This phenomenon will be around 7th March 2019 when Sun also joins Neptune in Aquarius in the 10th house of Independence chart of India. A spiritual victory !!

On or around 7th March 2019 some major turn regarding RAM MANDIR will be there and that would be either from Supreme court or from Government (Actually on 8 March 2019 Supreme court gave judgement and transferred the file to a committee for unanimous decision as per my predicted date)

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When will RAM MANDIR construction will start?

Now when will RAM MANDIR construction will start and when will be opened to the public for Darshanam ?

To come to exact date, I used my some tested methods but full analysis is not necessary here.

As per my calculation and my vision, the construction muhurta will be either on 14 JANUARY 2020 or 30 JANUARY 2020 and RAM MANDIR will be opened for public on 21 APRIL 2021 (Ram Navami) 12.00 pm when Saturn Rahu Ketu and Moon, all planets will be at 18 degrees and Cancer Lagna in Pushya Nakshatra will be rising in the East.

While writing this I feel some divine force is guiding me from within. To predict such great and divine event is not my cup of tea ! This is my humble effort and pray to the divine force that this prediction may come true.

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