When will there be complete peace in Manipur?

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For the past several days, like fire has been caught in Manipur. Manipur has become disturbed since 3rd May. Today we will discuss something about her.

First of all, we have to see the horoscope of 15 August 1947 and 26 January 1950.

In the horoscope of freedom, Taurus is in the lagna and in the third place, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Rahu is the planet of Muslims and foreign forces and he is sitting in both horoscope.

This means that whoever will be the Prime Minister of India, he cannot make Muslims angry and will have to walk with Muslims for power. Congress has done the same thing and Modi has also thought good about them after becoming Prime Minister. Triple divorce has also been abolished. We have made Kashmiri Muslims happy by taking them to India. Have made friendship with Muslim countries even in foreign countries. CHINA towards DOWNFALL

Now the biggest problem is India’s third place in the horoscope of independence. Don’t know who has taken this moment but India can never get peace from neighboring countries. Because the third place in Medaniya astrology belongs to neighboring countries. China and Pakistan both have become our enemies. India China war – Astrology Analysis 2020

Attachment is east direction and Rahu is sitting in east direction. Third place is Ishan direction. So India’s prime minister will always have tension from east and northern directions. West Bengal Arunachal Manipur Myanmar etc come east while China is in Ishan corner.

Foreign Influence

There is pressure from China on Arunachal. While Myanmar people also come above Manipur and Chinese people also come and this is their hand behind the storm.

The reason for this is that from east to Ishan angle, Rahu, Mangal, Sun, Shani etc. all the sins are sitting. That is why there is no permanent end to it. When elections come, there is a storm in Bengal and Bengal does not form the center. People from Myanmar and Bangladesh keep entering illegally.

Now when we talk about Manipur, on 22 April, the owner of Pisces Lagna came to Guru Aries and started moving forward slowly towards Rahu. Sun was also in the grip of Rahu in Aries at that time, so storms started in Manipur from 3rd May. Means Rahu showed his effect in 15 days. Because Lagnesh Guru of India’s republic horoscope came in Rahu’s grip. Rahu is the factor of foreign elements. So all this storm went on at China’s gestures. Inter religion Inter-caste marriage in Astrology

Violence and Rahu Mars

Rahu is also the planet of terrorists, so terror has spread there. Aries is the zodiac sign of the east direction and Pisces in the republic horoscope, Aries is between the east and the northern angle where Rahu is still sitting and holding the Guru.

Mars was in Gemini zodiac at that time, so he was also looking at Mangal Ketu of Republican horoscope. Mars and Ketu both planets are linked to terrorism.

After that, Mars came to Cancer, it became more stormy because in the horoscope of freedom, Sun, Moon and Saturn are sitting in the northern direction. Fruit of Rahu according to astrology

Mars is currently running in Leo which is the fourth house of the horoscope of freedom and it is not good for the sin planet to sit in it. So as long as Mars is in the zodiac sign, complete peace is not possible in Manipur. Because Mars and Saturn both are going face to face.

And due to Mars coming in fourth place in the horoscope of India’s independence, so much rain, so many landslides and floods occurred in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Numerous people died. Homes of countless people ruined. Fourth place is land and property too.


Now this Tuesday will enter into Virgo on 18th August and exit from Saturn’s sight. Then there will be some calm in Manipur but I think there may be storm again between August 15th to September 15th. The atmosphere was like before, November 1 will come when Rahu will leave Guru and Guru will give free fruit. Inter religion or Inter caste marriage and Rahu Ketu

Until then, the Prime Minister of India will continue to have headache because the leader of the Parliament is also a Guru in this horoscope who is in the grip of Rahu. In this yoga of Guru Rahu, the opposition is also following the government. This is the wonder of all planets. Astu.

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