When will you get Job?

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When a person gets a job ? When a person starts regular monthly salary or income ?

This is a burning question when a person crosses 21st years of age. Most of the questions asked to the Astrologers are pertaining to the job only.

Today let us discuss this issue in details.

  • SUN has the connection with one’s livelihood, one’s image and prestige in the society.
  • MOON has the connection with easyness in life, peace, flow of money, family happiness.
  • SATURN has the connection with punctuality, time schedule, discipline, hard work, servitude, bonding, slavery and responsibility.
  • MARS has a connection with joy and excitement, a kind of fear in a new and unknown atmosphere.

Sun and Moon are two main planets who are running our life. Our life on earth, our breath our health our joy our sorrow everything is connected with these two main lumanaries. To run our life, food is must and to get the food money is must in this age.

Saturn Transit 2020

In SHRI SUKTA also Sun and Moon are mentioned. Like…

Suryam hiranmayim laxmim jatavedo mm avaha…..
Chandram hiranmayim laxmim
jatavedo mm avaha…..

In view of the above, a person can get the JOB only when either SUN or MOON in the birth chart is activated by the transiting SATURN.

Why Saturn ?

Saturn is the lord of 10th (karma) and 11th (income) in the Natural Zodiac. And also significator of 6th house (Job).

Now how it activates ? Either by touching the degree of SUN or MOON in the same Sign or from 4th Sign, or from 7th Sign or from 10th Sign from it in the birth chart.

This is the General time frame when luck starts to give opportunity. Also we have to watch the activation of 6th house or its lord by Bhrigu Chakra System.

Now coming to close we shall have to watch the transit of Sun over or in square or in opposition to natal Sun, Mars or Saturn’s degree. Thats it… Job or appointment letter will be received with excitement.

Same City Or Remote Place (Foreign)

Whether a person gets job in the same city or in remote place will be decided by the activation of house as per BCS. If 9th or 12th activated then remote place and if only 3rd is activated and 12th is not activated then you will get job in the same city or nearby city where you have to make ups and downs to attend job place daily.

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