Will Ajit Pawar join BJP? Astrology Prediction – Updated

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Will there be a change of Govt in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, CM Mr. Eknath Shinde took the oath of Chief Minister on 30 June 2022 at 8:00 pm. At that time Sagittarius ascendant was rising and Jupiter was strong in Pisces sign.

Moon was in Gandanta yoga at zero degree in the eighth house. When the Moon is very weak in the eighth house, then this government cannot complete 5 years and I had written that at that time also.

Now Jupiter is entering Aries on 22nd April, and will join Rahu in this chart. Lord of Lagna Jupiter will be weak with Rahu. Sun is also joined with Mars Rahu in this chart. USA – Difficult Time Ahead

So according to my calculations, this eclipse will create problems in Maharashtra Govt from 22nd. In a few days, some political events can be seen in Maharashtra. Effect of Jupiter Transit 2020 to Capricorn

I studied Ajit Pawar’s chart also. In that chart Ajit Pawar’s worst time is over and his strength will be increased now. According to my calculations, Ajit Pawar will leave NCP and join BJP for sure and will bring all his MLAs along with him. Past and Future Prediction 2022 2023 2024 by Ashwin Rawal

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If we see the chart of Mr. Sharad Pawar, Saturn and Moon are in Aries in the sixth house and now Sun Rahu are passing over these planets. So Ajit Pawar may rebel and leave NCP within a month. This may give shock to Sharad Pawar. Kejriwal CM again? Delhi elections 2020

Looking to these 3 charts my prediction is that in the coming months there may be a change of power in Maharashtra Govt again anytime after 10th May. Ajit Pawar may also join BJP with his conditions. Will NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU be next CM after Election ?

Updated on 3rd July 2023

My prediction regarding Maharashtra Govt. came true.

NCP leader Ajit Pawar joins BJP-led Maharashtra govt

Will Mr. AJIT PAWAR be the CM of Maharashtra ?

As per my prediction of 19th April, Mr Ajit Pawar has left NCP and joined BJP along with his MLA’s.

What next in Maharashtra ? Let us study the chart of Mr Ajit Pawar.

Libra lagna with Jupiter. Saturn in 3rd. Moon in 5th. Ketu in 6th. Sun Mercury in 10th. Mars Venus in 11th and Rahu 12th. Rahu antardasha starts from 13 July.

As I have already told in my earlier post that bad time of Ajit Pawar is over and he has entered a new phase. From 13th July Rahu antardasha is starting and at present Rahu is transiting 10th House from natal Sun who is already seated in 10th. Yoga karak Saturn is transiting Moon who is the lord of 10th house. So to my view there are maximum chances for Mr. Ajit Pawar to be Chief Minister of Maharashtra in near future after 13th July till 25 August.

Let us wait and watch.

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