Will BJP will win in Karnataka election 2018? – Prediction by Ashwin Rawal

Astrologer Ashwin Rawal was predicted Karnataka election 2018 on April 3, 2018.

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Karnataka election 2018 Prediction

( Dear friends, after posting my article on KARNATAKA ELECTION ANALYSIS and the result favoring BJP, my some well wisher members wrote me on whatsapp that please check your analysis again as ground reality is favoring Congress. I was very clear on my prediction on vedic base but I thought I must check KP system too. And this is the analysis.)

Question : Whether BJP will win the Karnataka election on 15th May ?

Number selected 200
Date of calculation 3rd April 2018
Time of calculation 18.13 hours
Place of calculation Ahmedabad

Karnataka election 2018 predicted by Ashwin Rawal
Who will win Karnataka election 2018?

Kundali Chart - Karnataka election 2018 predicted by Ashwin Rawal

Will BJP win Karnataka election 2018?In the horary chart of 200, Capricorn is rising at 17.46 degree. Lagna sub lord is Mercury who is the lord of 6th house and placed in 2nd. Mercury is in the star of Saturn and Saturn is placed in the 11th very close to Mars, the Warrior.

6th house is the house of fight, election competition and the result. 6th house sub lord is Mars himself and placed in the star and sub of Venus. Venus is in the 3rd and lord of 4th and 9th. No planet in the star of Mars so Mars is the strong significator of 10th and 11th and 3rd house. Astrology Tips for Share Market

11th house is the house of desire. Sub lord of 11th house is Rahu. Now Rahu is in the star and sub of Mercury and Mercury is the lord of 6th and placed in 2nd house and signifies 11th too. Astrology Tips for Share Market

Now let us focus on opposition party Congress who can be seen by 7th house.

Sub lord of 7th house is again Mercury who is significator of 5th, 8th and 12th houses from 7th house.

From 7th house, the 6th house sub lord is Rahu who signifies 5, 8 and 12 houses.

Sub lord of 11th house from 7th is Rahu again and as we saw above, Rahu signifies 5, 8 and 12 houses. Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart

So for congress or opposition party, the KP Horary chart is very weak.

After above KP calculation I boldly declare again that the KARNATAKA ELECTION will be won by BJP undoubtedly.

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