Will India and Pakistan go to war over POK?

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For the past three years, The Indian government has been talking about taking POK from Pakistan. Will we win POK? Rajnath has recently stated that he will take POK from Pakistan at any time.

What does India and Pakistan’s horoscope say for this question?

We will discuss about it today.

India’s horoscope of independence has Taurus and Rahu is sitting in the horoscope. Right now Rahu and Guru both are walking together in 5th place. Guru is looking at the fourth place of India’s horoscope from the 5th place. And there is expansion in the vision of the Guru, expansion.

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So according to me before 1 May 2024 POK will become part of India. Saturn is also expanding the fourth price by sitting in the zodiac sign Aquarius. Will Imran Khan continue as PM of Pakistan ?

When POK will become part of India?

But when can this happen? Stay in my view for him when Aries will be entering Pisces at the same time in the period i.e. between October 17 and October 30. Because whenever Rahu changes his zodiac sign, he gives such fruit suddenly.

Will Pakistan go to war with India?

Either when the sun will come in Capricorn, then the sun of the horoscope of freedom will come in front of the moon and Saturn in the horoscopes of India. The sun will remain in Capricorn from January 14 to February 14 and Mars will also come to Capricorn from February 5.

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Meaning Sun and Mars will walk together in Capricorn and Pakistan’s Aries will come in the tenth place of Lagnaki horoscope and sitting in the fourth bhav of that horoscope, if the Sun and Moon passes in front of Saturn, then it can create a situation of war. According to me, we can take POK between February 5 and February 15. Introduction of Houses in Vedic Astrology

I think POK will win in two times. Let’s see what happens?

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